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How to turn on WiFi on LG TV

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It’s possible your TV’s WiFi is not working properly. It can be frustrating, but it is not difficult to fix.

You can stream live TV programmes, news, sports and more on smart TVs than on your smartphone’s screen. Although it may seem difficult to turn on WiFi on your LGTV, it is actually quite simple once you know the proper procedure.

This blog post will explain how to fix the problem and turn on WiFi for LG TVs.

Connect your LG TV to the Wi-Fi

This is the most reliable and complete way to connect your TV with the WiFi.


  • The Quick Menu will be displayed on your TV screen when you press the Gear button on the remote.
  • Scroll down the list using your remote control to reach the Network option
  • To access Network and Settings, click the okay button or centre button on your remote
  • To enter the hovered Network menu, click the right arrow under the Settings option
  • Scroll down, select the WiFi Connection, and click OK
  • Next, click (the middle button), to turn on WiFi on your TV
  • Select the preferred WiFi network connection. This can be done by simply using the up-and-down arrows to scroll through the available WiFi networks on the list.
  • Use the virtual keyboard to enter the password as some WiFi networks require a password. Then, press the enter key.
  • After you have entered your password, click the Connect button
  • To connect to the WiFi network you have selected, press the center button on the remote again
  • To test the WiFi network press the Home button on the remote.
  • Browse or stream the app store on your LG TV to check if it is successful. This will tell you if you did it right.

If you follow the instructions correctly, this process will take only a few moments. Only thing that could slow you down is the password. The WiFi password can be a problem if you don’t have it with you. Before you attempt to connect, make sure you have the password ready.

It is also important to check the availability of your WiFi network. You can hide it by selecting the Add a Hidden Wireless Network option in the WiFi Network options. This will allow you to manually enter the name and password of the hidden WiFi network. Now you can connect your TV to the hidden WiFi network and begin streaming.

On an LG TV, how do I turn on WiFi

When you wish to stream content on your LG TV, your WiFi must be on. Here’s how to do it:


  • Use your remote’s Home button
  • From the menu, select Settings.
  • Select Network then choose WiFi Connection
  • Choose your preferred wireless networks and then enter the password
  • You will now have connected your LG TV with the internet
  • What to Do When Your LG TV Does Not Connect to the WiFi
  • Sometimes, it is possible to have problems connecting your LG TV to the internet. If the first attempt fails, you have other options. As you’ll see below.

This blog will show you how to fix the problem, and turn on WiFi for LG TVs.

Link your LG TV with the Wi-Fi

This is the best and most complete way to connect your TV to the WiFi.


  • When you press the Gear button on your remote, the Quick Menu will appear on your TV screen.
  • Scroll down this list with your remote control to access the Network option
  • To access Network and Settings click the OK button or centre button on your remote
  • Click the right arrow in the Settings menu to access the hovered Network menu
  • Scroll down and select the WiFi Connection. Click OK
  • Next, click the middle button to turn on WiFi for your TV
  • Choose the preferred WiFi network. Simply use the up-and down arrows to scroll through all available WiFi networks.
  • Enter the password using the virtual keyboard. Next, press the enter key.
  • Click Connect and enter your password
  • To connect again to the WiFi network that you have chosen, press the middle button on the remote
  • To test your WiFi network, press the Home button on your remote.
  • Browse and stream the app store from your LG TV to see if it was successful. This will let you know if you did it correctly.
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