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How to Unsilence iPhone Calls

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This article will show you how to make calls soundless from an iPhone by disabling Do Not Disturb or Silent Mode and altering the volume of the ringer settings.

How do I turn off the Call Silence on the iPhone?

If you’ve activated the Do Not Disturb feature to block all notifications you receive, switch off the mode to restore any incoming call as well as other notifications.

  • Navigate to the Settings Settings > Do Not Disturb..
  • Switch on the switch to the left following to Do Not Disturb..
  • To swiftly allow for incoming phone notifications, swipe to the base of your phone to open your Control Center. Touch the moon-shaped do Not Disturb icon to switch off the silencing.

How can I silence calls?

Another method to ensure that you are aware of calls coming in is to switch off Silent Mode and check your phone’s ringer volume.

  • Switch to the left of your iPhone towards you until the orange light disappears. Also, check for an indicator on your display that reads Silent Mode Off.
  • To control the sounds that announce calls as well as other notifications in the event that Silent Mode is off, go to Settings > Sounds and Haptics.
  • Under Vibrate Turn off Vibrate on the Ring in case you would like.
  • Also, check that the slider for volume in Ringer And Alerts isn’t moved in the direction of the left (and it is muted).

Why are my calls going Absent on My iPhone?

If you’re not receiving calls but do not know why you should check the switch that regulates Ring or Silent Mode; it could be switched in Silent Mode by mistake.

It is also advisable to make sure you haven’t accidentally activated the Do Not Disturb option in the Control Center.

Other possible causes for the silencing of calls could be:

Your sleep time and bedtime settings: If you are using the feature Bedtime on iOS 13 and older make sure that Do Not Disturb during Bedtime is turned on in your Clock application > bedtime options. In the Health app on iOS 14, select Sleep > Browse > Sleep Mode, and look at the toggle next Auto-On.

Your headphones might be the cause of opening the control center to check the volume indicator isn’t enough or has been mistakenly turned off. If you can see a headphone indicator for volume in your display, even after you unplug the device the iPhone might get stuck in the headphone mode and need to be checked with Apple Support.

Your device might block calls from unknown numbers You can access the Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers and switch it off when it’s turned on.

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