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How to Watch One Piece Without Fillers – The Ultimate Guide

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One Piece is a manga-based anime collection which first aired in 1999, back whilst anime become still a fairly niche interest. But now, more than twenty years and 927 episodes later, One Piece has solidified itself as the most popular series to come out of Japan, length. However, for learners, this behemoth of anime may seem overwhelming. Lucky for them, there’s an easy manner of decreasing watch time substantially with out lacking any key moments of the tale. How you may ask? Just bypass all of One Piece’s fillers!

What does filler suggest in anime?

Fillers are anime-simplest episodes showing content material which by no means appeared in the manga/mild novel. In different words, those are episodes which aren’t canon.

Filler episodes in anime are by and large used on the way to provide time to the writer/mangaka to provide more content. For example, while an anime primarily based on a manga, reaches on par with it, the anime group need to determine to either cross on hiatus or air filler episodes(which are not associated with the main plot and can’t have an effect on the tale).

Overall, filler episodes are skippable as they typically don’t add some thing to the original story.

 many filler episodes are there in One Piece

As of writing, out of the presently aired 927 episodes, 103 of them are filler. With every episode being around 20 mins long, that’s a whopping 34 hours of filler which you could without difficulty pass via following our One Piece filler listing! 

Now, some of these episodes are freestanding, at the same time as others form filler arcs. Filler arcs are short side stories constructed from a couple of episode.

Which One Piece arcs are filler?

  • Warship Island Arc (episodes 54-61) – This is the primary tale arc inside the series which isn’t based totally on any content material from the manga, which in turn makes it One Piece’s first filler arc. This filler arc has  principal plot holes. In it, Zoro can be seen cutting thieve, even though he learns this talent lots later, within the collection, throughout the “Alabasta Arc”. Also, the group see dragons in this arc, however, once they see dragons once more within the “Punk Hazard Arc” they act find it irresistible’s their first time seeing this type of creature.

Post-Alabasta Arc (131-135) – This filler arc features five stand-by myself episodes focusing at the beyond and desires of most of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and Robin are the only who do now not get their personal episode.

Goat Island (136-138) – In this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates help an vintage guy named Zenny get his ship into the water while hiding from the marines on an uncharted island.

Ruluka Island (139-143) –  This arc deviates a bit from the manga, as in it, the Going Merry is proven to be falling aside after being blasted out of Ape’s Concert with too much pressure. The deliver is then patched up in Ruluka before the Straw Hats head out. While within the manga, the Going Merry is heavily broken by means of Hina’s assault on the quit of the “Alabasta Arc”.

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G-eight (196-206) – This is the series’ longest filler arc, status at 11 episodes. However, it’s considered with the aid of many to be One Piece’s finest filler arc, way to its fun and engaging “villain”. So in case you don’t thoughts its period, bear in mind giving this one a threat.

Ocean’s Dream (220-224) – The story in this arc is primarily based at the One Piece online game, called “Ocean’s Dream” for the PlayStation. It’s the first and closing arc primarily based on a video game.

Foxy Returns (225-226) – This arc sees our heroes stumble upon the Foxy pirates all over again.

Ice Hunter/Lovely Land(326-335) – The tale in this arc takes location on a iciness island wherein the team battles the bounty hunter institution known as the Accino Family.

Spa Island (382-384) – This is the second one filler arc in which the Foxy pirates take the helm as the villains.

Little East Blue (426-429) –  This arc serves as a lead-as much as “One Piece Film: Strong World”. So if you’re interested by seeing the movie, you can check this one out.

Ceasar Retrieval (626-628) – In this arc, Ceasar Clown is kidnapped off the Thousand Sunny by a mysterious character with bizarre abilties.

Silver Mine(747-750) – This arc unearths our heroes seeking to break out Silver Mine, it additionally serves as lead-as much as “One Piece Film: Gold”

Marine Rookie(780-782) – This arc marks the second time Luffy and his institution infiltrate a marine base.

Cidre Guild(895-896) – Cidre Guild is the shortest filler arc within the entire anime along with handiest two episodes. It’s also a special arc, tied-in with the film, “One Piece: Stampede”.

Individual filler episodes in One Piece

There are some filler episodes in One Piece which do now not shape an arc. These are generally discovered inside cannon arcs or are spin-off single episode side stories. They can be skipped!

This is the total listing:

  • Episode 50: Usopp vs Daddy The Father! Showdown at High Noon!
  • Episode ninety nine: Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu!
  • Episode 102: Ruins and Lost Ways!
  • Episode 213: Round 3! Round and Round Roller Race!
  • Episode 214: Burning Roller Race! Dash into the Final Round!
  • Episode 279: Jump Into the Falls! Luffy’s Feelings!!
  • Episode 280: A Man’s Way of Life! Zoro’s Techniques, Usopp’s Dream
  • Episode 281: A Bond of Friendship Woven by using Tears! Nami’s World Map!
  • Episode 282: Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper.
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