How to Watch the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies In Order


The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise includes five movies. They are all available to stream via the Disney+ service. If you wish to stream all the movies on Amazon Prime Video, you can do so by signing up for a Prime subscription. However, you will have to pay more for some of them.


Amazon has all the films but bonus content such as cast interviews or deleted scenes needs to be purchased separately. This content can be found in the Disney+ menu along with every film and is included in your Disney+ subscription.

Super Fan? Super Fan?

It is simple to watch Pirates of the Caribbean chronologically if you only focus on the main films. However, there is a short film which technically serves as a prequel to the entire series. Pirates of the Caribbean – Tales of the Code was released only as a special feature on the U.S. 5-disc 3D Bluray/2D Bluray/DVD + Digital Copy disc that also includes the UK five-disc set. You can view Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code-Wedlocked on YouTube.


The Pirates of the Caribbean films run for 726 minutes. It would take just over 12 hours to see them all back-to-back. This doesn’t include breaks, which you should absolutely take, or the few seconds it takes to navigate between films in Disney+.

It is not uncommon for major movie franchises to change in time. This makes it more difficult for fans who want them to be seen in the right order. You want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean chronologically. This matches the film universe’s chronology.


You can start with the 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean series and continue on to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. You might also want to look at the additional content available on Disney +. You will find a lot of deleted and extra scenes, trailers, blooper reels and even CGI scene development videos that are well-worth your time.


After you are done with Pirates of the Caribbean consider watching the Star Wars films in order. For that, you can also use Disney+.



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