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I Was Running Through the Six With My Woes – Meaning, Origin and Usage

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Are you searching for a way to inform someone that you have a lot on your thoughts? You could use the line “I changed into strolling through the six with my woes” to tell a person you’re feeling pressured. This post unpacks the meaning and origin of this expression.


The expression “I was running via the Six with my Woes” has meanings. The meaning adopted by Drake fans is that it’s a manner of pronouncing you we’re on foot through the neighbourhood considering your problems.

It could consult with past activities that convey awful reminiscences, or it is able to seek advice from modern-day events for your life, inflicting strain. “Walking via the Six with my Woes” method that you’re managing a melancholy that is probably brief or permanent.

However, the real meaning behind the saying isn’t always what fanatics assume. In an interview, Drake stated the “Woes” had been his street gang. “Walking through the Six with my Woes” way that he walked via the neighbourhood with his pals.

Example Usage

“I was running through the six with my woes, thinking about all of the awful times I’ve had in lifestyles and which route I’m heading.”

“I’m feeling down today, and I’m jogging through the six with my woes seeking to determine this out before my tension reaches every other stage.”

“I’ve were given a lot on my mind. I’m jogging via the six with my woes, trying to get my head instantly and discern out what to do.”

“I’m sorry I’m late for dinner. I become running via the six with my woes. I’m just not in a first-rate headspace nowadays.”

“If you’re thinking in which I was all night, I become jogging thru the six with my woes seeking to determine out if you’re the right person for me or not.”


The expression “I turned into walking through the six with my Woes” comes from a Drake song launched in 2015. The “Know Yourself” music featured the pronouncing within the tune’s hook. It’s one of the Canadian-born rapper’s most-loved tracks and the hit unmarried from the album.

“Running thru the 6 with my woes” became a fashion on Tik Tok, with many users lip-syncing or making a song the lyrics to the track in brief films. The challenge of the films is customers coming to terms with matters they did within the beyond or experiencing realizations on digital camera.

Ironically, that’s not the original that means of the word. “Running thru the six with my woes” doesn’t refer to “woes” being “problems.” Instead, the “Woes” are the street gang he hangs round with whilst he’s not recording.

Phrases Similar to I turned into Running via the Six with My Woes

  • I have the sector on my shoulders.
  • I’m below pressure.

Phrases Opposite to I become Running thru the Six with My Woes

  • Carefree.
  • Don’t fear, be happy.

What is the Correct Saying?

  • I was jogging via the six with my Woes.

Ways People May Say I become Running via the Six with My Woes Incorrectly

Some humans might also use the word to mention that they’re Drake lovers. While this is the identity of a Drake track and the starting place of the saying, it’s no longer the current meaning of the announcement. The “Woes” in the saying are your issues, not gang individuals.

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Acceptable Ways to Phrase I turned into Running thru the Six with My Woes

You can use “I was jogging through the six with my woes” whilst talking about strolling through your community or your existence, thinking about your problems. While the Drake tune supposed he became strolling via his neighbourhood along with his gang, it’s no longer the present day which means of the phrase.

You can use the word in social situations while talking to younger people. The saying is almost completely used by people beneath 37 inside the Millennial and Gen Z generations. It’s a way of telling people that you have something on your mind and want to speak.

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