If you’ve not used a washer for a while, this option may be a great choice.


Dryer that can take larger loads


Samsung Large Capacity Electric Dryer

If you prefer to spread drying times over multiple laundry days, you can flip between the four temperature settings and 10 preset drying cycles.

Best Stackable washer and dryer

Perfect for tight spaces

LG Wash Tower

Due to the height of its upper controls, standard stacked washer/dryer systems can be difficult for smaller users. It is easily accessible for all users. The dryer will stop drying when the clothes are dry. ThinQ App allows you to do laundry while on the go. You can also use the machine to detect allergens in your home and remove them up to 95%.

Best Front Loading Dryer Set

A Washer Dryer duo that is both compact and stackable

Whirlpool High Efficiency Stackable Front Load Washer and Dryer

This washer will make washing laundry easy. It has a Load & Go dispenser that allows you to use up to three bags of laundry detergent at once. Special controls allow you to set up 35 different cycles so you can get the best care possible.

Best Top Loading washing machine

This powerful option is capable of handling huge loads

Art Capable Top Load Washing Machine

Large loads can be handled by the top-loading washer, which can hold up to 19 towels. This means you won’t have to worry about that laundry pile that has been growing for days. The deep fill option has another benefit: you can select deeper water levels if you need to wash more heavy loads. To get your clothes really clean, the machine’s powerful agitator will keep clothes saturated with water and concentrated detergent throughout the cleaning cycle. There’s also a quick wash option that tackles those I-have-to-wear-these-tonight jeans in only 30 minutes. All the action can be managed from your smartphone or smart device via an app. The Maytag Smart Caable Electric Dryer With Advanced Moisture Sensing complements this dryer, which can dry 7 cubic feet of laundry. It also comes with moisture-sensing technology.

Best Front Loading Washing Machine

A washing device that uses steam for a deeper clean


Electrolux High Efficiency Steam Cycle Front-loading Washer

The washing machine works differently from other models because it uses steam to clean clothes. The detergent is mixed with water before it touches clothes. This makes it easy to remove stubborn stains.

Best Front Loading dryer

A Dryer With A Large Footprint


LG ThnQ Electric Dryer

This dryer is perfect for you if your clothes don’t like being pulled out of dampness by drying them. With its 30-inch height, it can fit in most closets and small spaces. This means that you don’t need it to start a cycle to add something last-minute.

Best Large Capacity Washer

A Front Load Washer Equipped with 22 Optional Auto Cycles


LG High Efficiency Front Load washer


This LG washer is great for large families who don’t want to use as many cycles. There are 22 options for auto cycles, making it easy to select the wash that suits your needs. TurboWash technology may speed up the process. If germs are a concern, steam can be turned on to deepen the clean. This will ensure that your washer does not feel like it is about to explode when you run more rinse cycles.

Largest Dryer Capacity

A large dryer which can clean all your masks


GE Stackable Electric Dryer


This dryer from GE can dry clothes, bedding and large loads for up to a week. The dryer has a sensor drying feature which adjusts the drying time to suit your laundry load.

Best Portable Washer

All-In One Solution That Both Dryes AND Washes


Super Deal Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine


With a portable washer, you can make a laundry room wherever you go. You can see what is happening and keep track of it all. It takes 15 minutes to wash clothes and five minutes for spinning. You can move the washer from your bathroom into your closet or toilet.

FAQ: The Best Washer and Dryer in 2022

The washer and dryer are an expensive purchase. You will need to research the washer and dryer before you buy them. Before you make your purchase, here are some important things to remember.

Which Dryer-Washer Brand Is the Most Reliable?

This is an important decision.



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