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Installing a Photo Widget on an iPhone

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How do I add an Image Widget on an iPhone?

You can modify the phone’s screen home in many ways. Adding an image widget is one of them. If you apply the widget on your screen, pictures from your collection will show in a specific place. You can change the position of the widget in case you are not happy with the location where the system has placed the widget.

  • Here’s how to install the widget for photos to your iPhone:
  • Hold the empty screen until the icons begin to move.
  • Press on the (+) symbol at the top right.
  • Scroll down until you are at the list of widgets after which tap Photos..
  • Swipe left and right to look at and select the size of the widget.
  • If you are certain of the widget size you’d like to use then click Add Widget.
  • The widget for photos will show in your browser.
  • To move the photo widget to another location, hold and press an empty spot on the screen.
  • When the icons begin to move Press and hold the widget for a photo.
  • Move the widget for photos to a new position.
  • Make the widget for photos available.
  • Tap the empty space on the screen then the widget is locked to the new position.

How can I alter the photo Widget Pictures on iPhone?

You can choose the dimensions and the location of the photo widget on your iPhone However, you cannot select specific iPhone albums or photos to show on the display. Apple employs an algorithm to automatically choose your top photos. However, it’s impossible to force certain images to show up, to stop them from showing particular individuals or even direct the widget in a specific direction.

The only way to alter the contents of the picture widget in the iPhone is to stop it from showing certain pictures that the algorithm has already chosen. If you spot a photo in the widget that you don’t want to be able to view within the widget, browse to it within the Photos in Photos app and select to take it off your list of selected pictures. This will prevent the photo widget from showing that specific image again in the near future.

  • Here’s how to delete images from the widget for photos on the iPhone:
  • Make sure to wait for the image you wish to erase to be displayed on the widget.
  • Tap the image.
  • Click the Share button.
  • Tap to remove from featured photos.
  • The photo won’t show up in the photo widget.
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