iPhone 12 Not Connecting To Cellular? Here’s how to fix it!


It doesn’t matter how many calls or texts you make or send, the Cellular features of your iPhone 12 don’t seem to be working. An iPhone 12 without Cellular data can feel more like a shabby piece of metal and glass than a necessary piece of technology. This article will show you what to do if your iPhone 12 doesn’t connect to Cellular Data.

Check the coverage in your area

Different Cellular providers in the United States have different coverage qualities for different geographic areas. Your iPhone 12 may not be connecting because you are out of coverage. Our coverage map will show you who has the best coverage for your area.

Disable Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is one of the most simple features that an iPhone can turn on or off, especially accidentally. All Cellular functionality stops working when Airplane Mode is enabled on an iPhone. Airplane Mode can be used by most users when they fly, but there are many situations where it can be extremely helpful. It’s an easy-to-use feature that iPhones have and is very common. This makes it a great place to start if you’re having trouble accessing Cellular.

You can quickly check the Airplane Mode setting by simply swiping down from the upper left corner of your iPhone 12 screen. This will open the Control Center, which allows you to track many functions on your iPhone. If the Airplane Mode icon is orange or white, then Airplane Mode is on. Tap the icon to disable this feature. Airplane mode is disabled when it turns grey.

In Settings, you can also check the Airplane Mode. The Settings application will display the Airplane Mode toggle button at the top of the screen. If the switch is green and turned to the right, Airplane mode has been enabled. Tap the switch to disable it.

You can turn your iPhone 12’s cellular data on

Cellular Data is another setting that can be easily modified on the iPhone. Cellular Data on an iPhone is similarly disabled to Airplane Mode. This means that features that depend on Cellular Data cannot be accessed.

Open the Settings App and choose Mobile. Check the switch labeled Cellular Data at the top of the screen. Cellular Data is enabled on your iPhone. To reset your Cellular connection, flip the switch once more. This will allow your iPhone 12 to reconnect to your Cellular network.

To toggle Cellular Data on, tap once if the Cellular Data switch appears white and is flipped to the right. Continue reading if your iPhone doesn’t connect to after these steps.

Restart your iPhone 12

If Airplane Mode is off but Cellular Data is on, we recommend that you restart your iPhone. Any software or apps that crashed on your iPhone can be removed by restarting it. This will allow you to reconnect to Cellular.

To initiate a restart, press and hold the side button on your iPhone and the volume button. Within a few seconds, you will see a slider labeled “slide to power off”. To turn it off, touch the red and white power icon at the top left.

Wait for your iPhone to shut down. Then, press and hold the side buttons again. After a while, the Apple logo will be visible on your screen. This signifies that your iPhone is powering on. You can then release the side button and your iPhone will automatically turn on.

Check For Carrier Settings Updates

If none of these tips have succeeded in getting your iPhone connected to Cellular service, we recommend that you check for updates to the carrier settings. Apple and Cellular providers frequently release updates to your carrier settings to ensure that your cell phone connection is working properly. You should see a notification pop up on your iPhone 12 when a new update is released. If you see these notifications, make sure to hit the Update button.

Open Settings to see if there have been any changes in your carrier settings. Tap General and then About.

Once you are on the About page, all available updates should be visible on your screen in less than 15 seconds. If there are no updates, please let us know.


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