iPhone Flashlight not working? These are the Fixes


An iPhone flashlight is handy for quick, convenient lighting. However, it sometimes fails to work. There are several things you can do to fix your iPhone’s flashlight icon if it isn’t accessible or doesn’t work.

How to fix iPhone flashlight not working

The iPhone flashlight function might not work for a variety of reasons. The most common reason the feature malfunctions is a software glitch or bug. Sometimes, the exact cause can be found with the correct fix.

These steps will help you troubleshoot an iPhone flashlight not working.

  1. Close Camera app. The Camera app may be on while the flash is being used.


  1. Restart your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone can fix many software bugs and problems. This will reset some temporary settings that can cause malfunctions in apps or features.


  1. Do a hard reset. Sometimes a simple restart is not enough to solve a problem. 


  1. Sometimes, a simple restart is not enough to fix a problem. In these cases, you might need to perform a hard reset.


  1. Reset your iPhone settings. It doesn’t delete your apps or personal data, so it isn’t as dramatic as you might think. It resets your iPhone to its default settings. This may allow you to get the flashlight icon (and other flashlight icons) working again.
    Your wallpaper may be deleted if you delete the iPhone settings.


  1. Restore an iPhone to a backup. It is relatively simple to restore an iPhone from a backup. This could be why the flashlight isn’t working.


  1. Restore your iPhone to its factory settings. This is a more difficult and time-consuming method that will fix a malfunctioning flashlight. If this does not work, it is almost certain that you have a hardware issue.

Factory resets erase all data from your iPhone. It is important to back up all data before you perform a factory reset.

  1. Contact Apple support. The flashlight may not turn on even though it is lit as usual. You should contact Apple to have the problem resolved. You should be able to get your iPhone repaired free of charge if it is still under warranty.



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