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Is it important to hire an auto accident lawyer in San Diego?

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If you live in San Diego, you are probably aware that a huge number of road accidents are reported every month. Getting involved in such a mishap can be a traumatic experience, especially when you are not the one who caused the accident. As far as laws in California are concerned, it is not mandatory to have a lawyer file a claim. Even when you are filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver, you don’t need an attorney. However, hiring an auto accident lawyer in San Diego becomes tremendously imperative for other reasons. Here is an overview of why an attorney is necessary.

Car accidents can be confusing to investigate

Since you are the one seeking compensation, you are expected to provide evidence that the defendant was responsible for the mishap. In other words, the burden of proof is on you. Insurance companies and the police will undoubtedly investigate, but they are not working for your benefit. You must collect critical evidence as soon as possible after the accident, or you may have difficulty getting the information you need. Once you engage an attorney, they are responsible for the same and will investigate the matter entirely. Accident lawyers often rely on experts to gather info, and more often than not, these legal professionals have to work with accident reconstruction experts to know how things happened.

Insurance companies are after you

If the at-fault party informed the insurance company about the accident, the chances are high that the claims adjuster will call you soon. They may expect you to sign a release, which may mean signing your rights and accepting their offer. Insurance companies do their best to minimize what they pay for claims, and the initial offer will be on the lower side. You need to have an accident lawyer so that you don’t end up with a low settlement. Lawyers know what it takes to find insurance tactics and will negotiate accordingly. If the settlement offer remains on the lower side, your lawyer can file a lawsuit directly against the party at fault. A trial may seem expensive but could be a great option when things don’t move ahead with the insurance company, or the other party doesn’t have insurance.

Get an attorney today and let them tackle your accident claim like a pro without paying an upfront fee. Most accident lawyers take a contingency fee, which is a big plus.

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