Is It Safe To Consume The CBD Products Along With Alcohol?


In recent years, the craze of CBD has grown manifold, and nowadays, CBD is available in so many different forms. Apart from generally available CBD oils, capsules, tinctures, and gummies, people mix CBD in almost everything. From CBD-infused pancakes and cookies to CBD in alcohol, there is no limit in experiments with cannabidiol. Moreover, one can easily find these CBD-infused alcohol-based products in cbdMD stock. The world health organization (WHO) says pure CBD is entirely safe, but it may interfere with the action of some drugs and medication. So, let’s see whether it’s safe to consume CBD products along with alcohol.

Difference between Alcohol and CBD:

The most striking difference between alcohol and CBD is their psychological effect. While alcohol is among one of the most psychoactive products globally, CBD is rarely considered psychoactive. Moreover, compared to alcohol, CBD is entirely safe, and there is no risk of addiction with it.

Effect of CBD when mixed with alcohol:

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant instead of the Sativa plant for industrial purposes, and people have been using it for quite some time now. According to them, there are many alleged benefits of CBD. Moreover, the research suggests it may help with chronic pain anxiety and increase overall health. At the same time, there isn’t much data available on how CBD reacts with alcohol. The preliminary research suggests that when we mix CBD in alcohol, it may protect the side effects of having regular alcohol. Moreover, some researchers also believe that CBD may address the issue of alcohol use disorder or other addiction issues. So, let’s see some of the effects of consuming CBD and Alcohol together.

May help with Alcohol-induced nausea:

While CBD may have intoxicating properties, paradoxically, it could help amplify the positive effects of alcohol while diminishing the negative ones. Nausea and vomiting are the most commonly seen side effects of having too much alcohol. However, CBD may help in preventing or lowering nausea. According to a study published in 2001 in the British Journal of Pharmacology, CBD has antiemetic effects in rodents. It might look like a good idea to suppress vomiting and nausea, but it helps with the expulsion of excessive alcohol to protect the body.

May reduce the blood alcohol levels:

The blood alcohol concentration or BAC measures the quantity of alcohol in the blood. Experts believe higher BAC levels cause loss of motor control and cognitive ability to a great extent.

A study involving 10 people has found that when 200 mg of CBD is taken with alcohol, it significantly lowers the BAC levels compared to the placebo given. However, the research was done in the 1970s, and CBD was also used substantially higher than the usual prescribed dose. So, there is some doubt whether it will work in average doses or not. Moreover, some other studies have conflicting findings compared to this result.

Therefore, more research is needed to conclude the effects of CBD on blood alcohol (BAC) levels.

May prevent cell damage and disease:

Alcohol abuse is among one of the leading causes of chronic diseases such as kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, and some types of cancer. Moreover, it can cause damage to cells and increase the risk of inflammation.

Experts have observed that CBD may protect cells from the damages caused by alcohol consumption.

For instance, in a study done on rats, it was found that applying CBD gel to the skin can decrease brain cell damage due to excessive alcohol intake by 49%.

Researchers concluded that injecting mice with CBD can protect them from alcohol-induced fatty liver disease in another study on mice. It does so by promoting the process of autophagy, which increases the turnover rate of new cells, leading to tissue regeneration.

May help with withdrawal and urge of heavy drinking:

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are pretty harsh and can take a toll on people trying to control their uptake. In a 2019 review study published in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, the authors concluded by examining preclinical and human studies that CBD may reduce the urge of heavy drinking.

Furthermore, some animal studies show that there is a significant decrease in drug-seeking behavior if CBD is given to alcohol or cocaine-addicted rats. Other similar studies have concluded that CBD may also reduce the general side effects of alcohol withdrawal, such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Should you take alcohol and CBD alongside?

There isn’t enough research to reach a consensus on the effects of taking CBD and alcohol together. While several animal and human studies observe that it may counter some of the side effects of alcohol. However, limited research evidence shows the adverse effects of taking CBD and alcohol together.

Moreover, compared to alcohol, the effects of CBD vary significantly by individual, which makes it difficult to measure if mixing CBD and alcohol would generate the same result in everyone. Most of the research available now focuses on the effects of taking a high quantity of alcohol with CBD. While the focus should have been on effects when taking a few drinks with CBD.

There is no long-term study about the effects of low to moderate consumption of alcohol with CBD. Due to this reason, it’s not advisable to take CBD and alcohol together unless you are pretty sure how it will affect you. If you want to try a mixture of CBD and alcohol, strictly stick to low amounts of alcohol and CBD to avoid the adverse side effects.


While taking CBD alone doesn’t have a negative impact, drinking alcohol with CBD may amplify the effect of both. Alcohol acts as a nervous system depressant, and interestingly CBD also has the same effects in higher doses. As CBD and Alcohol are depressants, users might feel more relaxed and intoxicated when taken together. Moreover, it can increase sleepiness and sedation.


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