Is The Owner Of Roblox Dead – Who Owns Roblox?


Roblox has been in the news for many, many days. Roblox’s owner is also featured in news stories.

Roblox users from around the world, including the United States and the UK, have been flooding the forums to find out if Roblox is still owned by someone. Users can also create and play their own games through the online gaming platform

Are you interested in learning more about the founder of the company? If he’s still alive, you’re at the right place.

Roblox: Who’s the owner?

Many questions are being asked on the gaming forum about Roblox’s owner. Let us first take a look at Roblox’s story.

Roblox was the dream child of Erik Cassel, David Baszucki, and their partner, Erik. Erik and Erik first met in 2004 and began working on their dream project Dynablocks. The name Roblox was changed to Roblox to reflect the combination of blocks and robots. The platform has grown steadily.

Is Roblox’s owner dead?

We answered the question by presenting the background of the gaming platform. Roblox is owned by Erik Cassel, and David Baszucki.

Erik Cassel, co-founder of Roblox, died in 2013 after three years of fighting against cancer. David Baszucki, current president of Roblox, confirmed the news on the Roblox blog. Together they created a gaming platform.

Answering the question, “Is Roblox’s owner deceased?” We can answer the question “Is Roblox’s owner dead?” by saying that Erik Cassel died. He is also responsible for the operation.

Erik Cassel?

Erik Cassel was the co-founder, administrator, and former vice president at Roblox. Erick Cassel died almost nine years after creating the gaming platform.

Conclusion – The Legend lives on at Hearts of the Gamers

Twitter started to use the hashtags “Is Roblox owner dead” as soon as the death was announced. Roblox fans wanted to verify that Roblox’s legend was still around.

February 12, 2013, Erik Cassel’s monument was visited by many of his fans. They also saw Erik’s Official Shirt which was only available for eight days.

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