Jeffree Star and Kanye West: The Bizarre Rumour Explained


January’s first few days were so boring and uninteresting that the internet focused its anger on a Twitter user who refused to open a can of beans for his little girl.

It didn’t take too long for 2020’s lunacy to spill over into 2021. A bizarre rumour about Kim Kardashian’s alleged impending divorce started to spread on social media.

Twitter users started to report that Kanye West was having an affair with Jeffree Star, a YouTuber/beauty expert.

Although the celebrity gossip was overshadowed by the chaos of January 6, the wild rumour remained. Fans of both celebs assembled “evidence,” including a Jeffree Star photo that captioned “I’m ready to Sunday Service,” and Star’s song from 2009, which mentions West.

Although the bizarre claim sounds absurd enough to entertain, Jeffree Star was able to comment on it. The beauty guru uploaded a YouTube video titled ” Addressing Kanye Situation”. In which he refutes the claim.

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“This is very strange…this is ridiculous. Let me say it once more: I like very tall men.

Where did this rumour originate? And how could it survive without any solid evidence?

Louise published a TIPK Wednesday declaring:

“Kanye has been enticing a male beauty guru and very well-known beauty guru for quite some time. “

Louise wrote the caption:

I cannot tell WHO because he will sue you. But that’s not the only reason Kanye is so religious right now. It’s his self-hate …. My source [sic] is legit.

The internet took the rumour and made it a reality by naming Jeffree Star as the perpetrator. Fans pointed out that Star and West both live in Wyoming. This “evidence” along with Star’s selfie and song lyrics was enough to spread the rumour. Louise’s source of information was indeed “legit.”

Jeffree Star was sure to benefit from the free publicity, but it wasn’t so for Kanye West or Kim Kardashian. There’s a limit on the appeal of the internet’s attention. E! was told by a source close to the Kardashian clan. E! News was told by a source close to the Kardashian family that there is no truth to the Kanye and Jeffree rumours.

This bizarre tale is a great example of how an unsubstantiated, wild claim on TikTok can become mainstream. Fans cherry-pick evidence to fit their narrative preferences.

You can also conclude people have been indoors far too long – the internet is getting weirder every day.


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