Jesse Stone Movies: The Best Watch Order


Jesse Stone is one the most important detective books. Jesse Stone is the protagonist. He is a fictional character that Robert B. Parker created. “Night Passage” introduced him in 1957. In all Jesse Stone films, he has held the position of Chief of Police in Paradise (Massachusetts). He works in the police department and deals with unsolved murder cases. He also struggles with his demons from his former profession.

Each film by Jesse Stone is linked and follows the same plot. Apart from this, the plots and characters are the same in all the films. If you really want to understand and follow the plot, it is best to watch all Jesse Stone films in order. We will show you how to watch Jesse Stone movies in the order that works best for you.

The Best Place to Watch Jesse Stone Movies

Nine Jesse Stone films are currently in production. The series was first broadcast by CBS in 2005. It was broadcast for eight years from 2005 to 2012. In 2012, it was picked up again by Hallmark. They aired the ninth episode of Lost in Paradise in 2015. Tom Selleck plays Jesse Stone in all the films in the series.

Except for the second film, which serves as a prologue, all Jesse Stone films follow the same release and chronological sequence. Here is a chronological listing of all Jesse Stone movies.

  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2008)
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)
  • Jesse Stone: The Benefit of Doubt (2012)
  • Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Jesse Stone Movies on Order

1. Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

Robert Harmon directed Jesse Stone: Night Passage, starring Tom Selleck and Saul Rubinek. The film was released in 2006. Based on Robert B. Parker’s 1997 novel Night Passage, this film tells the story of a former Los Angeles crime investigator who is now the chief of police in a small New England town. He becomes embroiled in a series mystery.

Jesse Stone, an ex-LAPD murder detective, stares out at the ocean in Santa Monica, California on a moonlit night. He is waiting to get sober before he travels across the country with Boomer to Paradise, Massachusetts where he was appointed chief of police.

Jesse knows that Paradise is his last chance after being fired from the LAPD because he drank on duty. His ex-wife Jenn Stone, an actress, calls him from a Missouri hotel. He still communicates with her daily, despite their divorce. Jesse began to drink heavily after discovering she was having an affair.

After a brief period of inebriation on duty, Jesse Stone, an ex-investigator, moves to Paradise (Massachusetts) with Boomer, his dog from Santa Monica, California. Hastings Hathaway is Paradise’s powerful counselor and invites Stone. Stone replaces Chief Lou Carson, an ex-chief who had retired before the deadline. Stone’s first task is to kill Joe Genest. Genest refused to obey a restraining or. Stone meets Abby Taylor, a local lawyer, and begins an affair. After Lou’s murder, Chief Jesse Stone suspects Joe and Hastings. He devises a plan for revealing the truth.

  1. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

Stone Cold, a 2005 American made for television criminal drama film, stars Jane Adams, Tom Selleck and Reg Rogers. Robert Harmon directed the film and it starred Tom Selleck and Jane Adams. Based on Stone Cold 2003, the film follows the investigation of a series of murders in a small New England town. Stone Cold, the first of nine television movies based on Parker’s Jesse Stone books is the first.

Tom Selleck portrays Jesse Stone, Paradise (Massachusetts), a small seaside town north Boston. Jesse was a former Los Angeles Police Department homicide investigator who was fired because of a drinking problem following his divorce.

He was recruited by the president of the town council, who thought he would be easy to manage. Jesse still keeps in touch with Jenn, his ex-wife. Jenn contacts Jesse every day after five years.

He has a strong connection to Abby Taylor (Polly Shannon), who is a beautiful lawyer and serves on the town council. They are bonded by a deep love and concern for one another, even though they have a mostly sexual connection.

Jesse Stone is on an assignment to solve the murder and assault case. He discovers how to track down those responsible for a series of murders that occur in a similar fashion. He must accept the risk of not having enough evidence.

  1. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

Robert Harmon directed Jesse Stone: The Death in Paradise (2006), an American crime thriller that was made for television. It stars Viola Davis, Tom Selleck and Kohl Sudduth.

Based on Robert B. Parker’s novel Death in Paradise (which tells the story about a struggling alcoholic small town police chief who investigates a murder of a young girl, whose body is found floating in a lake), the film was made. The former LAPD murder investigator is immersed in the rich world of a well-known author, who preys on troubled teenagers as well as the dangerous world of a Boston Gangster.

Jesse still has nightmares about the murder of the girl in the days to come. His private life since he moved to Paradise has been dominated by drinking alone at the lakeside with Reggie, his dog, and occasionally calling his ex-wife from California.

Jenn, Jesse’s ex-wife, still keeps in touch with him despite his retirement from the LAPD for a drinking problem. Because she is worried about Jesse’s drinking, she persuades her to take him to Dr. Dix. He is a former investigator who is a recovering alcoholic. After his first session, Jesse visits Abby Taylor’s grave, which he carries a heavy weight of guilt for.

His department is currently dealing with a domestic abuse case involving a husband who has been violently and abusively abusing his wife. Stone revealed that Norman Shaw, a renowned writer, was too close to the victim during his inquiry and intended to write a biography about the legendary mobster Leo in the next book. Stone uses a puzzle to solve the crime by assembling the evidence pieces.

  1. Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)

Tom Selleck and Kathy Baker star in Jesse Stone, Sea Change, an American made-for TV criminal drama film starring Tom Selleck and Robert Harmon.

Based on Robert B. Parker’s 2006 book Sea Change. The film follows the investigation of the unsolved murder of a bank teller during a robbery and an alleged rape that places him at odds with his town council. It strives to keep the town a top coastal destination.

Jesse Stone calls Jenn, his ex-wife, in Los Angeles. Jenn warns him to not contact her that night. He’s started seeing someone and finds it strange that they speak every night.

Stone is also dealing with other challenges: Luther Simpson, one of Stone’s deputies, remains in a coma following a head injury sustained in a supermarket robbery. Molly Crane, another deputy, has left the police to start her own family. Rose Gammon is Stone’s successor. She has previously worked for him.

Jesse begins to work on the unsolved killing of a bank teller, which he shot during a heist in an attempt to distract his attention from his problems. Stone’s investigation into an alleged sexual assault puts him in conflict with the town council who want to keep Paradise as a beautiful seaside resort.

  1. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2008)

Tom Selleck and Kathy Baker star in Jesse Stone Thin Ice, an American 2009 made-for-television crime drama film starring Tom Selleck and Robert Harmon.

Based on Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone novels, the film follows the investigation of the police chief in a small New England town.

Captain Healy, a member of the State Police, is attacked but Jesse rescues him and manages to fire some rounds at the attacker. Jesse is informed by Healy that he had spied on his nephew who was possibly sleeping with his saxophone instructor.

Jesse begins an investigation into the incident despite objections from the town council. Jesse’s involvement with six shooting situations is a concern to the town council members.

They don’t like that Jesse fired Officer D’Angelo. He didn’t like them. He was loved by the town council as he issued three-times more parking fines than the other officers and ran the speed trap which made a lot of money to Paradise.

Jesse refuses staffing the speed trap because he thinks it is immoral. Instead, he chops down the tree blocking the speed limit sign, making the speed trap inoperable.

  1. Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

Tom Selleck and Kathy Baker star in Jesse Stone: No Remorse. This American made-for TV criminal drama film stars Robert Harmon, Tom Selleck and Kathy Baker. Based on Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone novels by Michael Brandman and Tom Selleck, it is also based.

A police chief in a small New England town investigates a series of Boston killings for a colleague in state police and discovers information that leads him to a well-known mafia leader.

The film opens with the assassination a young man who opened his car in a garage late at night. Jesse Stone is introduced. He has fallen into isolation and alcoholism since his suspension as chief police officer. Because he was suspended, he has not been in contact with anyone.

  1. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011) is an American made-for-television crime drama film starring Tom Selleck and Kathy Baker. It was directed by Dick Lowry. Based on Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone novels, the film was made

The story follows the retirement of a New England police chief as he investigates the mysterious murder of a young friend. Meanwhile, the police department is struggling with an arrogant new chief of police who is also the son-in law of a town councilor.

Jesse Stone continues to search for full-time employment after being appointed chief of police in Paradise (Massachusetts) by William Butler, the son-in-law of the town council president. He has promised that he will be reinstated one day.

He continues to investigate two murders, one involving his friend with whom he has lost touch, and another involving him as a consultant for the Massachusetts State Police Homicide Division. The case involved a robbery suspect and murder suspect. Jesse and State Police Captain Healy are skeptical about the innocence of the murder suspect.

Jesse is attempting to resolve tensions between Butler and Rose Gammon. He is informed by Rose Gammon that he has the federally mandated right to “concealed bear” as a retired cop (not fired). He is still having issues with his ex-wife and has continued to drink.

  1. Jesse Stone: The Benefit of Doubt (2012)

Jesse Stone: The Benefit of the Doubt (2012) is an American crime drama film made for television. Tom Selleck, Kathy Baker, and Kohl Sudduth star in the film. It was directed by Robert Harmon. Based on Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone books, the film was made. The film follows the return to work of the police chief in a small New England town after his successor is killed in a police car.

Jesse Stone longs to be the Paradise police chief in Massachusetts. He lost it because Carter Hansen, the president of the town council, wanted the job for William Butler, his son-in law. In a mysterious explosion of a police vehicle, Chief Butler and Officer DeAngelo were killed.

The former president of the town council, Hastings Hathaway, was aware of the incident, but was not officially notified. Hansen reinstates Jesse “temporary chief” and Jesse uncovers alleged (but not proven) police misconduct in Butler’s case. Jesse believes that the letters “2AH10”, scribbled on Butler’s April 24 desk calendar, could be a hint.

Jesse attempts to reunite his team with Luther Simpson, his deputy and Rose Gammon, his long-time assistant. Despite refusing to cooperate, Jesse and his deputy Luther “Suitcase” Simpson continue to pursue other pursuits, leaving Jesse to solve this case on his own.

Jesse’s psychotherapist Dr. Dix and the State Homicide Commander Healy also return. Jesse’s mother, Thelma, is still living and works as a sales assistant for Hasty’s luxury car dealership. Gino Fish remains in town and appears to be involved with the illegal drug trade, while also using his boxing career for a “front.”

Jesse discovers that the cruiser blast’s most likely culprit, a former Gino accomplice has reportedly hanged himself. Gino’s executive assistant Amanda tells him that Gino has a boss, the identity of which is not known.

A routine traffic stop turns out to be a clue. Jesse was being pursued by Arthur Gallery, an assassin. Jesse finds a “deer gun” in his trunk. He warns him not to follow him around. The flashlight attached to the “deer rifle barrel” would not have been allowed for hunting deer. It would have been useful, even necessary, to the assassin’s presumptive goal of killing a man. Jesse made a mental note.

  1. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015) is an American made-for-television crime drama film that stars Tom Selleck and Mackenzie Foy. Robert Harmon directed the film and it starred Tom Selleck and Mackenzie Foy as well as William Devane and Luke Perry.

The film tells the story of a Paradise police chief who investigates the murder of a serial killer. It was written by Michael Brandman and Selleck.

Police Chief Jesse Stone accepts an unpaid consulting position with the Massachusetts State Police Homicide Unit. He will be working for Lt. Sydney Greenstreet who will provide him with case files regarding numerous murders. He accepts the job to relieve the boredom he has been feeling due to lack of major crime in Paradise.

Jesse was also lonely after the death of his dog. Stone is especially interested in the case of the fourth victim of a serial killer who disemboweled and slashed his victims. The same time,. They were also alive when the files were read.

Richard, the “Boston Ripper”, confesses proudly to the first three murders and denies the fourth. Stone says that the murderer is a “sick boy of a bitch”, but he doesn’t believe he killed Mavis Davies, the fourth victim.

Stone meets Jenny, a 13-year-old girl using marijuana in a park. Stone is concerned for the well-being of Jenny and calls his friend, Paradise Police Officer Luther “Suitcase”, Simpson to ask him to look into the girl’s home.

According to “Suit,” the girl’s mother is a drunk who abuses her child. Stone visits Jenny and gives her a “coupon to see Dr. Dix,” Jesse’s psychiatrist.


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