Josey Auguste- The Instagram Sensation from Canada


About Josie August

Josie August is an Instagram model and a popular bikini model that has made headlines thanks to her stunning looks and attractive approach. Her Instagram page is heating up thanks to her stifling photos.

Josie August was born in Canada on February 2, 1993, she is a model, actress and researcher who enjoys trying new things. She graduated from Canada and began her modeling career shortly thereafter.

The Canadian-German model goes out to various exotic places and produces video and photography materials for her fans. Josie August has 125,000 followers on Instagram as a result, and the figure is growing all the time.

Her steamy photo shoots help her gain momentum in the modeling industry. Josie August’s Instagram account has sizzling coil movies, amazing photos and bikini photos.

The Instagram sensation has a charismatic personality and commanding presence. Augusto effortlessly captures the attention of her audience in fact, she dazzles everyone with her captivating look.

Last year, the diva shared her selfie wearing only bikini bottoms to show her support for California fires. It has helped her to attract the attention of people online.

The flames wreaked havoc in the U.S. state, with 86 people reporting deaths moving from 500 still.

Social factors

As a result of the tragedy, hundreds of people, including celebrities, have expressed their grief on social media.

Josie August, an Instagram model with half a million followers, shared a photo of herself on the beach wearing only a pair of revealing bikini bottoms.

Pray for Malibu and the surrounding areas,” she said, adding the hashtag #woolseyfire.

The Instagram feeling

Josie August has always provided intriguing material for her Instagram fans since the beginning of her career. And in a short period of time, the beautiful 5’6-inch personality caught the attention of a large number of people.

Josie August enjoys visiting beautiful places and she posts hot photos of herself on her Instagram handle. C. VIP, its new website, has been set up, and visitors can access VIPs behind the scenes for unique tour materials.

Josie August is a well-known Instagram model and competes in a bikini. She grew in popularity and gained notoriety like her Instagram calculator, where she posts her lifestyles, beautiful photos, bikini photos and short reel movies, and has built a large following. More than 124,000 followers have been uploaded to Instagram. The account was opened in July 2012.

She is also known for her photo blog, which she does all over the world. She has also modeled for magazines like Playboy. She gained a lot of attention in a short period of time because of her captivating looks, beautiful physique and amazing personality. It is also popular with men due to its attractive appearance and pleasant attitude.

With its presentation, anyone can enjoy free time on access to its unique behind-the-scenes hiking photos and photographs.

Josie August – height, age and weight

Josie August is a 28-year-old woman. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 57 pounds. Black is her hair color and black is her eye color.

Josie August has more than 124,000 followers on Instagram.

She has 1,139 followers on Instagram.

Josie August – Before the Glory

In July 2012 she opened her Instagram account.

Trivia – Josie August

Her Twitter account has over 110,000 followers. It was featured in Playboy magazine.

Family – She was born in Canada and grew up there.

Related to the summer of 2016, she was romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio.


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