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Kimberley Bosso Makeup School Reviews & Kimberley Bosso is who?

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Are you a makeup artist or aspiring makeup artist? Would you like to receive fast-track training from top makeup artists and institutes in the United States? Are you not familiar with all the institutes? Is it hard to find the right institute?

This article discusses Kimberley’s make-up school. Courses start at $300 and go up to $7500, depending on your budget.

Kimberley Boss is who?


Kimberley Bosso, a celebrity makeup artist, is also known as “The go to celebrity makeup artist”.


Course details Fees

  • One-hour lessons are available for those who need it. Kimberley Bosso’s makeup school reviews states the lessons will include daytime looks, eyelash application, colour matching and facial analysis.
  • This 2-hour class covers lessons for daytime, evening and night makeup. Classes include a face analysis and colour matching.
  • This workshop covers the basics of makeup for women. Course fee $1500. Includes colour matching, eyelash application and face analysis.
  • The 2-day make-up course costs $2500. This 2-day course covers every aspect of makeup.
  • Take a 4-day intensive makeup class for $5000.
  • This 6-day course includes the 4-day makeup course . \kimberley bosso makeup school reviews:

All reviews are from trusted sources and are positive. Aspirants rated 5/5 stars, which is an outstanding rating! This is a LEGITIMATE and CERTIFIED Makeup Institute.


The intensive makeup school offers three types of intensive makeup classes: two, four, and six day.

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