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Kitchen Mate makes it easy to cook fresh meals at work

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KitchenMate is a Toronto-primarily based startup promising agencies a fresh method to feeding their personnel.

The startup has raised $three.5 million in seed investment led by Eniac Ventures and Golden Ventures, with participation from FJ Labs and Techstars. It’s additionally increasing into america.

Founder and CEO Yang Yu said KitchenMate was founded with the intention of presenting “healthful meals at a less expensive price.” The answer he and his group evolved combines refrigerated, tamper-proof “clever meal-pods” containing fresh, prepared meals which might be then heated in a “clever cooker.”

You may assume an epidemic is the incorrect time for this concept, when you consider that such a lot of companies are nevertheless operating from domestic sources. And You mentioned that a number of KitchenMate’s most likely clients (which include tech organisations) don’t need the product right now.

At the same time, he said there are numerous “antique-school agencies’ ‘ in industries like production, distribution and critical services that may not function that way — and in those sectors, commercial enterprise is booming.

It’s grown to be a need-to-have for a variety of businesses now that the whole thing is closed.

In other words, Yu stated that with many eating places and other corporations shuttered by means of the pandemic, KitchenMate has emerged for a few employers as “the handiest alternative.” He also said it’s being utilised by hospitals as an efficient manner to put together healthy meals for patients.

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Without a KitchenMate Smart Cooker at home, I can’t vouch for the quality of the food, however Yu confirmed me how he prepared a meal inside the KitchenMate workplace: He opened the fridge, removed a Smart Meal-Pod and scanned it together with his smartphone, then loaded the Meal-Pod into the cooker. A few minutes later, a delectable-searching lunch of rice, curry, greens and tofu was prepared for him.

KitchenMate offers the system for sale or hire to employers. The meals are then bought by way of employees thru telephone app at a mean cost of $nine, typically with personnel paying $7 and employers subsidising the rest.

KitchenMate gives you new Meal-Pods once or twice a week, and teams can impact what is delivered by voting on the dishes that they want. The startup also offers an alternative wherein the body of workers contributors can put together the meals for employees, as opposed to having everyone raid the refrigerator and make food for themselves.

Yu recommended that as workplaces reopen, human beings will need to avoid crowded cafeterias, and they’ll choose KitchenMate’s bulk deliveries over having plenty of man or woman deliveries entering into and out of buildings and elevators.

Yu recounted that there is a risk of a “backlog” in the kitchen if everybody wishes their lunch at the same time, but he stated KitchenMate tries to alleviate this problem through allowing people to pre-order their meals in the app.

“We create more flexibility round humans consuming for quite a few agencies who either can’t come up with the money for catering or, submit-COVID, it’s simply not possible anymore to have shared food,” he said.

Update, August 28: Since some commenters were asking approximately what differentiates KitchenMate’s Smart Cooker, Yu asked me to make clear the subsequent factors:

  • Our meals are cooked from clean raw components, and we’re using steam instead of microwaving.
  • Each meal has a different heating profile with computerised temperature and moisture manipulated to warm the ingredients to the favoured first-class.
  • We understand that many humans carry meals from home to warm up in a microwave, and I assume that’s extremely good. But for those instances while people don’t have food, we need to provide a more convenient, wholesome, and affordable on-website option.
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