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Lavaxgrll Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

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Lavaxgrll bio Height, weight, mansions, cars, net worth siblings, parents, family Instagram and OnlyFans Boyfriend.

Introduction to Lavaxgrll:

She is a model who is young and beautiful woman. And she is an attractive model in the age of 24. She is the most well-known and well-known Tik Tok Star, Instagram influencer and social media influencer all over the world and on numerous platforms. Additionally, she is well-known for her reality TV show. She was a contestant thanks because of her involvement in the reality TV show.

She joined a platform for sharing videos similar to the TikTok application only a few months before the start of 2019. She gained not only fame but also popularity within a very short time. She is an adorable and stunning actress as well as a contestant.

The Lavaxgrll who is it?

Who is Lavaxgrl’s Lavaxgrl to all of humanity? That is the question that everyone asks and is searching on the internet. However, today we will give all the information about this person and her fame. She is famous on the show’s real estate and in Season 3. We should get to get to know the whole cast on Instagram as well as other platforms.

Professional accountant or reality TV contestant?

Lavaxgrl or Mariah is a well-known and well-known professional accountant at the banking industry, however, she is a huge follower base and has a following on every social media, as well as another. She is an active actor in the real world. Lavaxgrl is her name for her pet on reality shows as well as well-known due to her participation on a reality show as well as her adorable movements.

House or Reality Show Season 3 of Reality Show or House

Lavaxgrll is scheduled to appear on Season 3 of Reality House as the strong contestant. She will be competing against 9 different social media celebrities who appear on reality television shows or houses. Her nickname is Mariah She is traveling and is determined to collect on $100,000 for every step and move. She won a substantial cash prize that will be awarded for the person who wins season 3. After all, contestants will be living in a Big Brother-style home. She has been modeling advertisements as well as acting in a variety of advertisements on TV and web short series.

Premiere and a specific channel:

During the show, she is the most viewed contestant for the reality program. The show doesn’t air on every channel on television, however, the specific channel is only subscribed to and it is telecast on a particular channel. You can also view the spiciness of the show on the YouTube channel. The reality house gets approximately 1 million viewers and subscribers per episode.

Let’s go in to one of the best and most powerful contestants on Reality House, which has the name Lavaxgrl or Mariah.

Starlet, young and talented and model:

She loves her television show as well as other web series that air on one particular channel. She is currently 21. Additionally, she is a young contestant on real houses and has a birthday on January 19th. Also, she is a Capricorn by her zodiac sign and birth sign.

She began her professional life at a young age. Additionally, she has brown eyes and is a stunning and charming character. The model is already well-known social media influencer as well as an extremely attractive model. She is on the way into the world of showbiz and entertainment at an early age.

She is also well-known as a prominent contestant on the reality show and is also a major star on social media. She is from Los Angeles in California.

Lavaxgrll Twitch streaming

Family and friends can refer to her as Mariah’s pet name. She is a 21-year-old fashion model and began her career in the industry with an enormous following on different social media platforms like Twitch streaming and other major social networks. In spite of all the other things, she has provided a variety of services via Twitch platforms. She has amassed thousands of followers and fans across her social media channels and platforms.

If we discuss her professional experience and experience, we must not forget about her each social media account. She is a full-time accounting professional at a bank with a good reputation, as well as a casual gaming enthusiast.

In addition, she is acquainted with and tier, and has academic credentials. She’s not disclosed in any media outlet and online.

The Biography of Lavaxgrll:


Name Lavagrll also known as LAVAXGRLL
Date of Birth, Place of Birth The 19th of February in 2000 United States
Age 21 years of age minimum
Ethnicity White
Gender Female
Height about. 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Weight approximate. 55 kg (121 pounds)
Body Measurements Approximate. 36-26-42 inches
Bra Cup Size 34 CC
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Size of the Shoe 4 (UK)
Marital Status Unmarried
Sign of birth Capricon
Current Residence California, United State.
Only fan Updated
Religion Christian
The World’s Most Famous Instagram Star, social media, and contestant on the reality show Influencer
Profession TikTok Star Instagram Influencer, Social Media Professional, and Personal accountant
Occupation TikTok Personality
Nationality American
Co-stars Kaylee Robinson
Streamer for XTRA Gaming
Boyfriend N/A
Real Name Lavaxgrl
Nick Name Mariah
Full Name in Real Name Lavaxgrl
Stage Name Mariah
Net Worth $350,000
The source of income Advertising Endorsements for Brands, Paid Content Sponsorship, as well as Google Ad-sense
Net value per year $350,000 (USD)as of 2021.
Spouse Not yet known
Gay or Lesbian No
Favorite actor Ryan Gosling
Favorite actress Scarlett Johansson
Favorite singer Taylor Swift
Brands Chanel, Gucci, Nars, Louis Vuitton, Tarte, etc
The Best Cuisine Italian and Chinese
Your Favorite Color Red and black
Favorite Apps TikTok, Twitch streaming and Instagram
The Season You Love Summer

Lavaxgrll Height and weight measurements:

Everyone loves her due to her role on the reality television show that goes by the name Power Reality House as well as due to her fame. She has a gorgeous figure and body with a structure. She is also following a strict diet regimen to look as a powerful woman. She is an incredible woman for her fame. Additionally, she always has an attitude even in this age group She is also a hard-working woman to keep her body and shape for flawless acting. Her height is an average of 5 feet 7 inches that looks attractive and fit. Her admirers consider her to be a perfect role model. She weighs about 55 pounds and is perfect. It also boost to the beauty of her physique and figure.

She maintains her body in shape and in top shape with regular protein intake and routine. Also, she has a daily fitness routine. And her exercise routine is extremely hard and tough in show and series. Her hair’s shade is light earthy, and we could say brown. She has flawless long hair. She also has stunning and sparkling eyes. Her eyes’ color is light blue, which makes her look adorable. It makes her beautiful. She is an attractive lady with a good body and shape.

Age of Lavaxgrll:

Born in California and is a gorgeous 21-year-old model. Her birth date was 21st January. Her parents are extremely happy with her for her involvement. She is a young and active model as well as an accountant. The supermodel is who has an impressive accountant.

Lavaxgrll Model and career on Instagram experience:

We must also get to know this Supermodel Aka Mariah via Instagram as well as other social media platforms.

You can follow her via her Instagram account and her Instagram page which is easily accessible. You can also find her under her handle @lavagrll and @lavaxgrll.

Her Instagram page or account has had more than 500k followers and fans. One of her pages and accounts offers a glimpse into her personal life as well as other professional social media however, one account remains private at present or even today.

Lavaxgrll OnlyFans (OF) as well Twitch streams accounts


When she is an Instagram model or influential person or influencer hasn’t yet leaked the image that her partner is wearing, one could speculate that she could be her husband or a potential husband. Her lover has been teased by her image on Twitter and on other platforms numerous times. She shared a date for dinner with her potential boyfriend. She has not yet disclosed his name.

She shared a photo on Twitter, stating with sweet captions that read ‘My Man and I’ today. In addition, she has shared numerous screenshots of long chats with her husband. She’s very active on Twitter under the name @lavagrll and can be seen using TikTok under the name @lavagrl.

Lavaxgrll Net value and income information:

Her net worth isn’t known. It is impossible to determine because we don’t have information from sources. She has not revealed her net worth or income information. She has not shared her earnings on social media or other media platforms.

But, she could make a lot of money, and we could say that she earns earnings from a variety of platforms. She works as an employee full-time at an institution, and she is an accountant. She also earns a significant amount of money through Twitch streaming.

In addition, she is recognized as an occasional gamer. She’s now a renowned and well-known contestant and star on the Reality show. She is now a major star. The actress has loaded a significant and substantial amount in her account. If you’re in a private chat group, you can locate her on the Only Fans accounts.

Lavaxgrll siblings:

Certain famous people did not want to divulge their private and intimate lives with anyone or via the internet. Therefore, she is one of the few. Also, she is a distinct model. She hasn’t shared details about her parents or siblings to the media or other social media platforms. She hasn’t shared one detail or information about her siblings and family members. Nobody knows anything about her family or her prior online life and other social networks. She would like to keep her private matters and life off of social media. She has five younger siblings.

Lavaxgrll parents:

When we think about her parents, there’s also no information on her parents. We did extensive research on her parents on websites, yet could not find any clues regarding her family or parents. However, we’re still looking into her parents and family members. If we come across any information regarding her parents and family we will add it to this section of our articles whenever we can.

Your Husband or Boyfriend:

She doesn’t have a girlfriend or husband as of as of yet. She isn’t looking for a male or female since she wants to focus on her professional career. She would rather focus on her reality show exclusively. According to sources the sources, she was in love with a man in 2021.

Her connection to:

Nowadays. She’s not interested in or involved with anyone.

Her social media platform handles:


She’s using several social media channels and handle and all of these details are available this link:

She has an Instagram page:

We haven’t found or talked about her Instagram ID or link on the internet, however, we can suppose that she is using the authentic @lavaxgrll ID and authentic. If we wish join her on Instagram, we could easily find her via the username and ID above.

She has a TIKTOK account:

She also is using TikTok. TikTok system and her TIKTOK ID is also previously mentioned within the post. Her ID and account have been verified and authenticated and verified. For updates, you can simply find the account mentioned above @lavagrll in TikTok.

Lavaxgrll’s Twitter account:

@lavagrll is easy to find on Twitter She is constantly updating her followers on new photos and photos on Twitter. We’ve already mentioned her Twitter handle and the link below. If anyone of us wishes to follow her on Twitter, we can search for and use the account above to follow her.

YouTube account: Youtube account:

She also has an account on YouTube for her to upload video clips on Youtube. If you want to check out her latest videos, you can click the link above and her the user ID. The user name @channel.

She streams on Twitch:

She also has an account on Twitch on which she has shared a variety of new videos. If we wish to follow her on Twitch, we can sign up using her username, which is above.

Phone Number:

We’ve not been able to find her contact number on the web.


The information above is a search and obtained from various internet reports and news articles. The website cannot ensure 100% accuracy of its content.

The last phrase:

Lavagrll or LAVAXGRLL and Mariah is a dedicated and hardworking model, as well as an actress. This article will discuss her bio, age as well as her boyfriend and profile. The actress is also a Twitch streamer, and is also known as a TikTok celebrity. She has over 150K followers and fans as well as receives 1.3 million views on her most recent videos.

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