Learn Your Month’s Birthstone Color by Month


With their vivid colors, birthstones have been used for centuries in order to link special and rare gemstones with the month of birth. They are a thoughtful gift that mom, friend or spouse can give as a special gift. As you will see, they can also be used as a way to express your feelings.

This site can help you find the right birthstone colors for your month, or a new birthstone. These stones are often used in common ways and will be discussed. The birthstone of each month will be discussed and charts will be provided. They are great for making rings, necklaces, or earrings, bracelets and charms, as well as other jewelry.

The Origin Of Birthstones

Birthstones may be gems associated with the month that a person was conceived. Let’s list each Birthstone alphabetically by Month.

Exodus, specifically Aaron, is the Biblical source of birthstones. The breastplate was inlaid twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel at the time. These gems were used in the decoration of this particular breastplate.

How did these gems become the birthstones we know today? We can now look ahead to the first and fifth century AD. Flavius Josephus and St. Jerome are the two scholars who were responsible for associating 12 breastplate gems with 12 Zodiac signs. Initial thought was that each person would possess 12 birthstones and wear each gem according to its month.

The modern version that we recognize today was created in 18th-century Poland. The birth month of each gemstone was promoted by Jewish gem dealers. The United States started selling gemstones according to a person’s birth month in 1912. While the 12 birthstones are generally the same, some companies have tried to include gems from their company in the mix to increase sales. Keep in mind, however, that there are many varieties and types of birthstones. There are birthstones available for the zodiac symbols such as gemini.

Are Birthstones Gemstones Or Minerals?

Minerals are one the most important building blocks for rocks. Geologists are able to give precise definitions. A substance must meet these five conditions to be considered a true mineral. The substance can’t be made artificially, organically, or solid. It should also have a defined and well-ordered inner structure.

As you can see, diamonds are crystal clear.


Many of these birthstones can be considered gems and fall within the definition of minerals. A pearl is not considered a material because it was not grown in an organic environment. Opal can also come in organic and inorganic forms, so an organic version of the pearl wouldn’t be considered to be a mineral.

The term gemstone can be used to refer to precious stones that are cut, polished or used in jewelry. You can create the stone using minerals like emeralds and diamonds. Other materials, such as amber or pearls, can be used to make the stone. Gems are rare and sometimes difficult to find. Their rarity determines their economic value.

Garnet Birthstone


Garnet is the birthstone for those born in January. Garnet dates back to the 14th century when “gernet” was a deep red color. It also comes from Latin granatum. This is a reference to a seed, like a pomegranate.

Garnet is often a deep red gem that goes well with most types of jewelry. It is actually a grouping rather than a specific mineral, like most of the other minerals on this list. This explains why the table has so many different types. Garnet is also found in metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. Garnet can be found in different grades. Garnets of low grade are used in abrasive water jets. These jets remove coatings or rust.

Amethyst Birthstone


The February birthstone, an amethyst. Amethyst derives its name from the ancient Greek term for methustos. This literally means “intoxicated”. Ancient Greece believed that an amethyst could protect against drunkenness.

Amethyst actually comes from a kind of quartz. It is made from the same type of quartz as white sandy beaches. It is one reason it is so popular. When quartz is contaminated with certain impurities, a purple amethyst will be created.

For centuries, deep purple amethyst stones have been associated with royalty. They are often adorned in crowns or royal jewelry. This gem is famous for its deep, powerful color. Geodes will be available at your local rock shop.

Aquamarine as a birthstone


Aquamarine, the March birthstone. Aquamarine is formed by the combination of two words Aquamarine (and Marina). This gem was named after the beautiful, blue ocean. It is believed sailors used it to find good fortune on the seas and to keep them safe.

Aquamarine, a type of silicate mineral called beryl, is one example. It can be found in rare metamorphic and igneous rock all over the world. Granite rhyolites, granite pegmatites and granite sandmatites contain beryl. Spor Mountain is Utah’s main source of beryl. But it is rarely used for gemstone making.

Beryl is available in many colors. Each color is named after a specific ingredient. These colors are called the Beryl colors: aquamarine(blue), red-colored berylls (red), yellow and heliodorus (yellow), maxixe[pink to blue], maxixe (“dark blue”), maxixe („dark green”), green beryl (“light green”) and the rare colorless version goshenite (“colorless”).

Three things are extremely hard: steel, diamonds and understanding oneself. – Benjamin Franklin

Diamond Birthstone


You might have heard of a diamond or even owned one. It is April’s birthstone. Diamonds are highly sought-after and a rare gem. They are harder than any other minerals on Earth and that is why they are so valuable. You’ll find diamond-coated bits, blades and tools that can cut or grind through nearly any material.

The pure carbon lattice-based diamonds can be found in a range of colors, including yellow, red, and pink. They are extremely rare because they sometimes have a hint of Yellow.

Diamonds are carbon made out of carbon that has been subjected to extreme temperatures below Earth’s surface. They are then exhumed, often via volcanic magma pipes (called kimberlite tubes) from the earth. They are highly valued by civilisations and once were considered lightning. De Beers made them very popular as an engagement band.

“I have been making jewelry since I was young. I’m a big fan of black diamonds, and emeralds. Also, I wear large cocktail rings. ” – Jade Jagger

Emerald Birthstone


Emerald is the May birthstone. It is named after the Greek word smaragdus, which means “emerald” in Greek. A green variety of beryl similar to aquamarine is an emerald. This beryl is made of impurities.

The most common places to find emeralds in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia and Afghanistan. The rarest high-quality Emeralds are often heat-treated in order to darken their green colors. Cleopatra was said to have loved the emeralds and claimed ownership over all emerald-mining sites in Egypt during her reign.

The “large three”, which includes emerald, ruby and other colored gemstones, are the big three. These gemstones are much more valuable than the rest. Beryl’s green color comes from trace amounts of either vanadium or chromium, as well as iron. It has a bluish hue.

“No good poem, however confessional, can be more than a self expression. Who could say that the pearl represents an oyster? C. Day Lewis


If June is your birth month, pearls will be your lucky birthstone. French for pearl, it means “led”. This refers the shape of a Mollusk’s Shell.

Pearls are not considered gems. Mollusks, living organisms, create pearls. If it has a nucleus of individual grains of quartz, a mollusk can make a pearl. Over time, the calcium carbonate layers will be added to the sand grains by the mollusk. This is actually an attempt by the mollusk to reduce irritation caused by the grains.

Nowadays, pearls are mainly grown in pearl farm. In these pearl farms, people inject an irritant in the shell of the Mollusks to stimulate the creation of pearls artificially. The majority of pearls come from Australia, Indonesia, or the Philippines.

“If I decide I want to make an entire coat of red for the show it’s certainly not just red. I think, “Is this communist?” Is it cherry syrup or communist red? Or is it apple red or ruby? Or is it an Apple Red? Or the huge, red balloon. Lady Gaga


If you were born July 1, ruby is your birthstone. Ruby is a corundum color that is then dyed to deep crimson by chromium. Sapphire is one other variety of corundum. It is dependent on the mineral’s impurities. Ruby’s Latin name, rubeus (which means “red”), is its source.

Mogok Valley, Burma, is one of the most famous places to buy rubies. This area is well-known for its deep-red gems. There are also rubies found in India and Thailand. The ruby is thought to increase courage because it is associated with life and blood. Burmese soldiers would put rubies on the skin of their troops to increase their courage and protection in battle.

“Green was always my mother’s favorite color. Over the years, my father, aunt and I have purchased her jade, emerald, and peridot pieces. We are always looking for new things. – Erika Christensen


Peridot, if August is your chosen month, will be your birthstone. This gemstone has a bright, vibrant green color and a radiant glow. It might be named after faridat in Arabic. Its name could also be derived from the Greek term peridona, which means “giving abundance”.

Peridot is actually the gem quality Olivine. It is a common mineral found in mafic rocks such as gabbro and basalt. Peridot is often found near hotspots, plate boundaries, and such places as Hawaii. Peridot is said to be the tears of Pele, the volcano god goddess in Hawaiian folklore. Olivine is a very common mineral. However, peridot can be considered a gem quality mineral.

The San Carlos Reservation in Arizona is home to the majority of the world’s best quality gem-quality peridot. However, it is also found in Pakistan and Myanmar. According to estimates, the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation could produce up to 95 percent of the global peridot supply.

“Oh, Summer night, She has a light smile and sits on a sapphire-throne. – Bryan Procter

The sapphire will be the birthstone for you if September is your month. A sapphire is a form of corundum that adorns deep, blue colors. It is very similar to Ruby. Sapphirus, Latin for “blue stone”, is the name of this gemstone. Sapphires’ hardness is their greatest asset. Sapphires are rated as a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are a 10. You don’t have to worry about this gemstone getting scratched. This gem is great for heavy-wear jobs.

India’s Kashmir is home to deep blue sapphires. This region is famous for producing beautiful sapphires. You can also find sapphires in Australia, Madagascar, and Australia. Corundum’s blue coloring is due to trace amounts of both titanium and iron.

“In the 1970s I used to buy moonstones & opals at Queen Victoria Market. These were outdated and too heavy at the time. Kerry Greenwood


If your birthday falls in October, tourmaline will be the birthstone. Sinhalese tourmaline is the Sinhalese term for mixed-colored stones. Tourmaline is not a single mineral. It’s actually a grouping of minerals with very diverse chemical and color compositions. Tourmaline, a mineral made of boron silicate, can be found in metamorphic and other igneous rocks.

Opal is another type of birthstone. Its name comes from the Greek opallios. This simply means you can see a change of color in an opal’s appearance when it is spun. Silica dioxide is captured by water and placed in cavities or voids. The silica dioxide is left behind by the water as it evaporates. Australia is home to the majority of Opal in the world. Seasonal rains in Australia allow water to leach silica into the ground and deposit this material within cracks.

“I don’t love and cherish you as if you were topaz or salt-rose. I cherish and love you as secretly as the dark things that are to remain between the shadows of your soul and the light. – Pablo Neruda


Topaz and citrine, both birthstones linked to November’s birthday month, are both associated. Topaz is the most popular birthstone associated to November. It is available in many yellow colors. Topaz’s name comes from St. John’s Island located in Topazios at the Red Sea. This is because yellow gemstones, although not probable topaz, were found on this island.

As with most gems, the bright yellow color of topaz is due to impurities. Pure topaz can be inert, or it can take on different colors depending upon specific impurities. Brazil makes up a large percentage of the world’s topaz. But the majority is made in Australia or Russia. While topaz has been used in many ways over thousands of year, the most common use for it is to refer to any light yellow gem.



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