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List of the best research in the world for the year 2022

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List of the best research in the world for the year 2022. The best and most influential research of the past year has been selected.

This is what allows researchers to share their research more, and it will have an impact on our world and our lifestyle.


According to statistics by experts at the rate of citations, information and publications, Dr. Walter C. Willett tops the list.

This list of the best 25 researchers will enable the Institute to adopt these researches in many matters.

It is noted the progress of many researchers under the age of 30, including the young researcher Hamza Aliwa, a medical student at the University of Washington, where he presented a research at the Hummingbird Conference, which was held on the date of August 2021 in Germany – Munich.

The idea of research is to control the light from the three-dimensional screen.

Although the screen has been integrated with an X-ray (CT) imaging device, as an attempt to develop medical devices and use inventions for the benefit of human health, the device will be the first radiography device that displays the human body in three dimensions, which will help to diagnose the disease faster.

After applied the research idea from “ICEN” for innovation. The invention was shown in Munich and Geneva Switzerland February 2022.

The result of the invention was that the single-section CT scanners generally contained a 360 degree bridge rotation speed of 0.7 seconds. Using multidivisional CT scanners, some scanners offer a bridge rotation speed of 0.5 seconds, twice that of a single section CT. Improved performance with the three-dimensional image will help to reduce the number of replays or requests from the patient to photograph another radiation. It will reduce the use of technology and radiation pumping for the patient’s body.

The research was published in the scientific journal Elsevier and received a Q1 Scopus rate (the highest rate).

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