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You might consider upgrading your windows if you have a home or purchased one without storm windows. We will give you all the information needed to buy and install hurricane-proof windows.

What is Hurricane Windows?

These hurricane-proof windows are designed to protect your windows from winds up to 200 mph. This is the equivalent of Category 5 wind speeds. These windows are made from impact-resistant glass, which has been treated with a protective layer with polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA).

This resin is strong enough to protect windows from flying objects, but it cannot guarantee they will break in the face a hurricane. This makes them safer for homeowners.

Sometimes hurricane windows can be costly. Consider adding a resin-like coating to your windows if this is the case. This will protect your windows against shattering and cover any visible glass.

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Which regions are most at risk from Hurricanes?

While natural disasters can happen anywhere in the U.S.A., they are more common along the East Coast. Mississippi is a Gulf Coast-loving state.

Two of the five hurricanes that struck Mississippi are classified as major storms. Winds can sometimes cause hurricane windows in areas like the mountains in Wyoming, Alaska and New Hampshire.

Why are Hurricane Windows Important?

It is tempting to wait until your windows are damaged to replace them. Pressure changes from broken windows or doors can lead to roof damage and foundation cracks.

These events increase the chance of your house collapsing during a storm. It is better to replace your windows immediately.

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What Are the Different Types of Hurricane-Proof Windows?

The frames of hurricane windows are exactly the same as other windows. You can make them in any material, including vinyl or aluminium.

Hurricane windows made from aluminium or steel frame

These hurricane windows offer the strongest protection. HomeAdvisor has estimated that aluminium frames can last up to 45-years.

Vinyl Framed Hurricane Windows

Vinyl-framed hurricane Windows can last up to 40 years if they are maintained properly. They cost $200 each.

Wood Framed Hurricane Windows

Wooden frames for windows are a popular and attractive choice. It will improve curb appeal. Well-maintained wooden window frames can last for up to 30 year. Wooden windows can last 10 years if not properly maintained and painted. It is $290.

How much does hurricane windows cost?

HomeAdvisor reports that hurricane proof windows can be purchased for an average cost of $2449 or $13,395 and $7922.

High Impact Window Pricing by Size

Size Price
24″x30″ $115
32″x36″ $135
48″x44″ $175
52″x44″ $195
52″x60″ $225
60″x60″ $260
60″x96″ $330

Interior Storm Windows: A Cheaper Alternative

If you don’t have the budget for hurricane-proof windows, you could consider adding storm-resistant panels to your interior windows. Exterior windows are about $30 per square foot.

Hurricane Windows Cost Per Square Foot

Hurricane windows can be purchased for as low as $55 per square foot.

Additional Hurricane-Impact Window Features and Prices

Triple-track hurricane windows can be expensive. The price of the double-pane option will cost you around $30 to $50, while the third option can run you between $400 and $800.

If you’re interested in additional features, you can add weather stripping and ventilation stops to your.

The average cost of installing an impact window

Custom-made impact glass will be more expensive. Prices can vary depending on the service you choose, the material you use, and who you hire.

Storm window replacements will cost you more if the aperture’s size or location is being altered.

Hurricane window film is about $300-$400 per 75 square feet. This amount will likely be sufficient to cover approximately 10 standard windows.


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