Luffy one piece at 40 years and 60 years of age 2021


Luffy was 7 years old at the time we meet him. Shanks rescues him. Ace started his journey to the ocean when Luffy was fourteen years old. He was 17 years when he embarked on his own adventure as the famed pirate from East Blue Sea and Grand Line.

One Piece Story is the complete story of Monkey D. Luffy, from his beginning to the end. Luffy wants to be the King Of Pirates. Foosha Island is where the Captain and Straw Hat Pirates of Straw Hat Pirates began their journey. Because he was uncertain about his parents, Garp, his grandfather raised him as an infant. He is now in Wano Country taking down a Yonko. Let’s not forget that the One Piece Timeline can be confusing when explaining the ages.

Now, you just need to add 9-10 month because that is how long it took for East Blue to reach the Grandline.

At Foosha Island

Luffy: How Old

The anime’s prologue shows Luffy enjoying his first devilfruit and being saved from Shanks. When he was young, he was inspired by the Pirates’ abilities and set sail to find the One Piece treasure. Luffy meets Ace, Sabo, and becomes their brother. Luffy, who was 14 when Ace began his journey to the sea, became his brother.

He started his journey

Luffy: How Old

Age: 17

Luffy made a deal to his brothers that he and his brother would sail the oceans and become pirates at seventeen. This Luffy is the one that was in the original One Piece fight. He can defeat basic opponents by using the devil fruit strength of rubber.

Straw Hat Crew

Pre-time skip

Zoro was born after Luffy saved Luffy at the Marine Headquarters. Zoro can be a skilled swordsman.

Nami: She was an ex-criminal. Luffy saved her village, rescuing the Fishmen from it. She is also the navigator of the crew.

Usopp was a sharpshooter who joined the crew after Straw Hats saved Straw Hats’ village.

Sanji: Luffy needed a cook to cook onboard his ship. So he hired the best chef at Baratie’s floating kitchen. Sanji is able fight with his legs.

Chopper: The reindeer who was made human after eating the devil fruit. Chopper is the doctor in the crew.

Robin: Robin, an ex-enemy, became a member Luffy’s crew thanks to his charm. Apparently!

Franky: Franky, a cyborg woodenworker, built the new ship and joined the crew of straw hats.

Brook: Brook was a skilled musician, and swissman. He joined the crew for the Grand Line.

After Time-Skip

Luffy, still aged 19 in Wano Country Arc, is still a teenager. Eiichiro Oda, the author and illustrator of One Piece, spoke out about the age issue in a recently published volume. He explained that even though the story is quite long, the events are continuing.

It is quite funny that the Manga is now in its 23rd anniversary of existence, but Luffy is only two years old since the start of the first chapter. Luffy was 17 during the pre-time-skip period. These arcs were significantly shorter than one year in One Piece World.

Later, the crew split up at Sabaody. Luffy was 19 years when he returned after his two-year training. Luffy’s age is unknown despite the fact that many arcs have gone by. Luffy is still young, even though it seems like a long time since the last arc. There have been fewer of these arcs since Luffy was a full-time skip. This is why Oda’s appearance has changed. Oda claims that only few months have passed between the full-time skip and now. Rumours circulated that Luffy might reach 20 when he reached Wano Country.


Monkey D. Luffy (/’lu:fi/LOO-fee). (Japanese, monki ruhui. Hepburn. Monki Di Rufi. [rWFi :]), Also called “Straw Hat ” Luffy”, is a fictional character created by Eiichiro Oda.

After accidentally eating the Gum-Gum Fruit, a boy named John made his debut in One Piece Chapter 1

Luffy was born May 5th and dreamed of becoming a pirate full-fledged from his childhood. Luffy, aged 17 years, sails from the East Blue Sea to reach the Grand Line to find the legendary One Piece. This will allow him to succeed in GolD. Roger, “King Of The Pirates”

Luffy, Straw Hat Pirates’ captain, recruits crew members. Roronoa Zoo, Nami. Usopp. Sanji. Tony Tony Chopper. Nico Robin. Franky. Brook. Jimbei. On his voyage, he battles antagonists while helping and befriending many island inhabitants. He is usually happy, but can become serious when he has a fight.

Luffy makes full use of his flexibility and focuses his power to execute a variety attacks. Gum-Gum Pistol, his signature attack, is his trademark. He punches opponents away from a distance and slingshots. Luffy’s “Bounty”, a measure of his threat to the World Government shows him growing stronger throughout the story.

He is Monkey D. Garp’s grandson, vice-admiral and son. Curly Dadan, the first choice for mountain bandsits, raised him. His foster mother met Portgas D. Ace (Sabo) and Sabo when they were children.

Luffy can be seen in numerous episodes, films and TV specials. Luffy is a well-known anime character due to its popularity across the globe.

This character is part of One Piece as well as appearing in many manga and anime series. His critical response has been mostly positive.


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