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Make the Alarm! Nicki Minaj’s Credit Score Drops Upon Discovering a Social Security Number Leak

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Nicki Minaj is currently charting her new single “Only”, but her credit score plummeted earlier in the month. RadarOnline.com learned that the “Anaconda” rapper was arrested for a financial mishap after her social security number was not redacted in a leaked photo taken by police during a shoplifting arrest in New York City in 2003.

Radar, not a news outlet, left Minaj’s Social Security number when they published a booking document from 2003 earlier in the month.

Sources familiar with the situation claim that Nicki’s credit score plummeted almost 100 points quickly after she was notified of numerous inquiries about her financial records. Nicki was immediately notified by the credit reporting agencies after they detected a lot of irregular activity.

The source stated that Nicki’s social insurance number was made public in the booking information sheet and leaked to the media this week. “It’s out there now.” Nicki may need to obtain a new social insurance number. It has caused her a lot of stress.

The difficult week has been for the American Idol judge. After much uproar, she later apologized for using images similar to Nazi iconography on her new music video, “Only.”

The singer tweeted Tuesday that she had not come up with the concept but that she was very sorry and would take full responsibility for any offenses. This tweet came just days after the video premiere. “I wouldn’t condone Nazism within my art.”

Minaj said that the artist who created the lyrics video for “Only” was inspired by a Cartoon Network cartoon called “Metalocalypse” and the film “Sin City.” He also stated that both the producer and the person responsible for overseeing the video’s production are Jewish.

Radar reported that the Anti-Defamation League attacked the video shortly after it was premiered


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