Men Want in a Wife: 10 traits


Top 10 Traits Men Want In A Wife


What is it that attracts a woman to a man? Christine B. Whelan, a sociologist at the University of Pittsburgh, and Christie F. Boxer, at the University of Iowa have finally found the answer to this long-debated question. They analysed the 2008 survey results asking men to rate attractive qualities in a potential partner. The results were then compared to the responses of women and similar surveys from the 1900s. In just a few decades, a lot has happened.


No. No. 10: Ambition, Industriousness and Ambition


This trait is ranked higher than other traits like refinement, good cooking, and similar religious backgrounds, despite the common stereotype that men are afraid of ambitious women. It’s not the most important trait on their list (No. It is evident that men love women’s determination, drive and energy as a life partner.


No. No. 9: Want for Home and Children


Over time, men have become less interested in a woman’s desire to have children and a home. It was ranked No. 1 by men in 1939. 6. Men may perceive women as equal partners, perhaps because they have achieved more similar career and educational levels to their male counterparts. It’s not as easy as it was for their grandparents to split the work of home and office.


No. No. 8: Great Looks


Over the years, men have been more concerned with women’s looks. This trait is now No. 15 in 1956. Although looks did not make it to the top 10, women have become more demanding of their husbands over time. 18 to No. 12. 12). Because modern marriages are more likely to be based on love, attraction than practicalities (like status or wealth), it is possible that physical attractiveness is more appealing.


No. No. 7: Good health


Although men still look for good health in potential wives, it is less important today than in the past. They ranked women’s health No. 1 in the 1930s and 1970s. 5. It is a smart choice to place it high on their list of marriage-material items. Both sexes live well into their 70s and sometimes even older making good health an indicator of a long-lasting marriage.


No. No. 6: Sociability


Both men and women rank sociability No. 6. It has steadily risen in both sexes’ lists, from No. It was 12 in 1939. This is a natural characteristic that has been more appealing to married couples today. They are more likely than ever to be friends with each other and have a greater number of friends.


No 5: A Pleasing Disposition


A woman’s pleasant disposition is number one for men. Since the 1930s, 5 has been included in their top-five traits. In contrast, women are less likely in recent years to value a man’s pleasant disposition. It was ranked No. 1 by women until recently. It currently ranks as No. 7.


No. No. 4: Intelligence and Education


Men are attracted to women’s intelligence and education more than ever before. Since the 1980s, this characteristic has steadily risen in men’s desire for women to be more attractive than ever before. In 1939, it was No. 11. Women now receive 60% of college degrees and make up half of the workforce. Men are searching for intelligent, educated women, or in other words, who are more interesting and accomplished than ever.


No. No. 3: Emotional Stability, and Mature


Both men and women both cite maturity and emotional stability as the most desirable traits in a potential partner. Men often believe that physical attraction is the most important thing. However, potential wives want a woman who is stable and confident in her own abilities. For women, maturity is also a top priority. 3. on their list of good-husband material.


No. No. 2: Dependable Character


Men have ranked a woman’s reliability as the No. 1 priority throughout the 20th century. It was ranked No. 1 in 1939. Men want a partner in life who is trustworthy, reliable, and faithful, just like women. Men want a wife who will be there for them, and considering the high divorce rate, it is not surprising that dependability continues to be appealing.


No. No.1.Mutual Attraction and Love


Men want to marry a woman that they love and are attracted too. Although this may seem obvious, “love marriage” has been a recent development. This trait was first ranked by men at No. This trait was first ranked at No. 1 just a few decades ago in the mid-1980s. In the 20th century, love was more important than dependability, emotional maturity, and a pleasant disposition. Both men and women now marry for love, while marriages are becoming unions of passion and friendship.


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