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Myths in the mind of NEET Aspirants

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NEET is the medical entrance exam conducted by a national testing agency (NTA) across India. Around 17 to 18 lakhs students appeared for NEET to get admissions to top medical colleges. It is one of the ambitious exams for every student. Many students are appearing for the first time and the rest have been appeared before and have an idea about NEET.

Myths in the mind of NEET aspirants

However, with the proper discipline, consistency, and hard work NEET can be cracked in the first attempt. In the mind of NEET aspirants, there are various myths related to their medical carrier.

  • Concept clear: – Many aspirants think that if the concept is clear, the exam is clear, but that is the biggest myth. In many NEET coaching institutes, when expert faculties explain a particular concept of physics or chemistry, many aspirants understand at that particular moment, but later on, they forget while revising. Here, practice helps the aspirants better, practicing the same topic after being taught helps them clear their backlogs.  The doubts are also cleared by the expert faculties. Analyse your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Running behind many books: – Many aspirants follow each other and reefer’s 8 to 10 books, but there is no need to refer to too many books for a single exam. Because reading too many books by different authors creates confusion at the time of exam and it is a waste of time. It is the fear in the aspirant’s mind not wanting to miss out on any topic. They try to consume every single book related to Medicine, which is not required. The maximum priority should be given to the NCERT book; 70% to 80% of questions are asked from the NCERT book. Apart from that, you can refer to the notes provided in the NEET Coaching. Instead of referring to too many books, solving Previous year’s questions and giving the mock tests will help you better understand the exam.
  • Revision: – Aspirants start their revision after completing their syllabus, and these are the biggest myth. Starting revision after course completion will take the aspirants towards less productivity and time waste. Weekly revision is a must; while revising, making notes there can help the aspirant more because it helps them understand the concept in detail.
  • Focusing only on a particular subject: – Sticking to your favourite subject and ignoring the difficult one can surely get a 550 score, but it will never take you to score more than 650 and admission to your dream college. Every subject should be given equal time to study, and more hard work should be done on the weaker sections. Biology can surely help you to crack NEET, but Physics and chemistry decide your rank. Therefore, equal attention to all the sections is significant.
  • Needs lots of money to enter Medicine: – This myth is partly correct and partly wrong because many private colleges and NEET coaching institutes have a hefty amount of fees that every aspirant can’t afford. And on the other side in a government college, everyone can afford it, but you have to maintain your NEET score to get admission to a government college. Government medical college also provides specific scholarship programs for deserving meritorious candidates. Compared to other professions, MBBS is difficult because the experiments are performed on live patients; it is a more practical field compared to other professions.
  • You don’t have a life after NEET: – It is a myth because many NEET aspirants are seen to be interested in other hobbies. Clearing the NEET exam with having a different interest takes a healthy and positive mind to get more involved in the medical career. It also depends on the person’s mentality.

Happy learning.



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