Neat and Tidy: 5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Pristine


Your home is your sanctuary. With the right group of people, it can be a place of comfort after a long week of work or school. So, as your comfort place, it is just appropriate that you maintain the interiors of your home.

But aside from the rooms, the exterior of your house should also be kept maintained. After all, your lawn is the first thing that people see when they pass by or visit your home. Not to mention, it could also serve as a hang-out spot during weekends. So, from getting weatherproof outdoor cabinets to decorations, here are five tips to keep your lawn neat and presentable.

1. Get Rid of Crabgrass and Trim Unkempt Hedges

Almost everyone can agree that lawn maintenance can be quite a hassle, especially during weekends. Instead of relaxing on your couch while watching your favorite show, you will have to deal with lawn maintenance. But if you want your outdoors to look presentable, you will have to get rid of the crabgrass or trim any long or unkempt hedges.

Gardening tools such as shears, snips, and pruners can come in handy when trimming bushes or making sure that your hedges are in good shape or form. But if you have trees or tall branches on your lawn, a machete or chainsaw can help cut them, especially when they are hazards during stormy seasons. As for crabgrass, although handheld gardening tools can help, a lawn mower can make the task easier to deal with.

2. Consider Getting Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

Although tools are necessary when maintaining your lawn, who would want a messy one littered with them? Sure, you will be using your tools to clean your outdoors weekly or once every few weeks, but leaving them outside on the lawn seems messy. Not to mention, they might be damaged or become rusty due to the weather or humidity. And to ensure that your outdoors are not littered with tools and to make sure they will stay in peak conditions, store them in weatherproof outdoor cabinets. 

There are several kinds of weatherproof outdoor cabinets you can pick from, and they vary in size and the materials they are made from. For instance, if you want to keep smaller tools, choose cabinets such as the TAESOUW-Home Deck Boxes Outdoor Storage Box. But if you want to keep more space-consuming items like a bicycle or larger storage in general, you will not go wrong with a Hanover Galvanized Bicycle Storage Shed.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Trash or Animal Droppings

Your gardening tools littering your lawn are not the only things you should watch out for. When you are hanging out outside with family or friends, it would not be a surprise if some trash, such as soda cans or cigarette butts, is not disposed of properly. And since it is outdoors, it will be no surprise if animals, even your pets, will go and visit your lawn and leave some manure. So, aside from littered gardening tools, you should also watch out for trash and animal droppings.

Yes, they can be disgusting to handle if you are not used to them. But even if trash and droppings are gross, you need to properly dispose of any garbage or animal manure on your lawn so it will stay clean. When cleaning your outdoors, you will never go wrong with a trash can or bin. But make sure to properly segregate the biodegradables, non-biodegradables, recyclables, and any other kinds of trash. Doing so helps clean the environment aside from tidying your outdoors.

4. Some Decoration Would Not Hurt

A clean lawn is a great thing. But if you did not decorate it, it can be pretty dull. It will not be a space where you will want to hang out with family or friends during the weekend. Instead, it will just be another available space in your home. So to make it a great hang-out spot, why not add some decorations? 

Let your inner designer out when decorating your lawn! For instance, you will never go wrong with some lights to brighten up the place at night. You could also add some comfortable seats or cushions. And while you are at it, feel free to add a little house for your pet. With the right decoration and appeal, your lawn could become your favorite spot in your home.

5. Keep the Weather in Mind

Whether you live in the suburbs in colder regions or the city of a tropical country, weather can be unpredictable. One moment it is humid, then it is suddenly raining the next. And as your lawn is exposed to the elements, you might want to keep the temperatures in mind to avoid any mess.

If your lawn is vulnerable to too much heat or rain, it might be affected. Heat can cause dust to accumulate, which can cover your outdoors. Meanwhile, too much rain can damage any non-waterproof items. So, to make sure that the weather will not damage any items, it is best to be aware of the weather. Do not forget to clean if necessary!

In a Nutshell,

It may not be a part of the interior, but your lawn is still an extension of your home. After all, when you have guests arriving, it might be the first thing they see, and first impressions last. These five are just some of the many methods you can use to keep your lawn clean and presentable. And if you want more suggestions, feel free to visit


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