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No picture on TV? (Easy repair in less than 60 seconds)

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By Michael Donovan 1 Comment No picture on TV? (Easy repair in less than 60 seconds)

Your TV is on but there is no picture? Many people encounter this specific problem, no matter what the brand or model of their TV – this is a very common problem.

First, obviously you want to check that your TV is properly connected and turned on. The TV may be “on” but the screen will remain black.

You can start troubleshooting the problem if the TV does not show a picture. Continue reading to learn what issues you should look out for and how they should be addressed.

Easy Fix: No Picture on TV

You should check all the input connections if you don’t see a picture on your TV. Most likely, there is a loose connection to your cable box or the HDMI cord has not been properly inserted. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you can troubleshoot your TV’s LED lights.

You must make sure it’s on

You must first be sure the TV is turned on without taking a picture. A black screen usually indicates that the TV has been turned off.

Turn up the volume to check if there are images not being displayed.

If this is the case, your TV will emit sound. You can check if your TV’s light turns on when it is powered.

Also, ensure that the power cord is plugged into a functioning outlet.

Turn it off and on again

When we are troubleshooting electronic devices, the first thing we hear is “have you tried turning off and on again?”. There’s a reason! This is the simplest and easiest way to fix TV problems.

Unplug your TV and wait for about ten to 15 minutes.

This should allow the TV to reset completely. You can then plug it back in and check that it is on.

You can try more complicated solutions if that fails. They are, however, very easy.

Look for loose connections

Next, check for any loose wires.

All auxiliary devices, including cable boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles and other items, should be checked.

You could receive sound but no images from your TV if any of the wires are not connected properly.

Broken wires should be replaced. You might need to replace any broken wires, such as HDMI cables. This can cause problems with your TV’s picture quality.

These types of connecting cables are often cost-effective and simple to replace. If the cable bends at an unusual angle or appears worn, it is likely to be damaged.

Inspect for Broken Back Lights

Back lights are used to create images on LCD TV screens. If the back lights are not working properly, it will make it difficult for the image to display correctly on the TV.

It is best to hire a professional to fix your back lights.

It’s very simple to check for back lights that aren’t working. Use a flashlight to check for broken back lights.

Many people aren’t comfortable opening their TVs and changing the LED lights by themselves. Pros will be able to help you!

The Power Board should be checked for failure

The majority of TVs have a power supply board that can fail at any moment.

To check for the problem, you will need to open your TV. TVs use many internal parts to display pictures. If one of these parts fails, the picture will stop showing.

It may be worth looking into buying a new television or replacing the parts. You may find it more cost-effective to buy a new TV depending on the extent of the damage and how difficult it was to fix.

A professional inspection of the hardware components is a good idea. This is not always the most cost-effective repair.

Power Saver and Sleep Timers should be turned off

Your TV can also shut down unexpectedly due to power-saving modes or sleep timers. This is most likely the problem if your TV suddenly shuts down while you are watching a program.

Check your settings to see if there are any sleep timers. These should be turned off.

When you are in the settings, make sure to turn off energy efficient mode (also known in some TVs as power saver mode). This will ensure that the TV draws enough power to function at its peak.

These options may not be available in your settings.


You will likely experience an image display problem with your TV at some point. This problem is easy to fix. There are some things you might want to get help with.

These fixes will fix your TV’s inability to display images.

  • Make sure you have the correct power supply cords
  • Turn off the TV and turn it on again
  • Vergewissert sich über loose wiring
  • Look for broken back lights
  • You should look out for power supply board problems
  • All power saver or sleep timer settings should be turned off

There are many ways your TV could go down. To ensure that the repair works correctly, you will need to identify the problem first. If that fails, it is probably time to get a new TV.


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