On the Nintendo Switch, how do you turn off Vivid Mode?


How to change the screen colors of the Switch OLED

What to Know

  • Turn on the Nintendo Switch OLED, and then open the System Settings menu.
  • Select System. Tap Console Screen Colors. Next, select Standard.

There are two color options for the Nintendo Switch OLED console-screen: Vivid or Standard. The console-screen mode does not affect connected televisions, but will change the OLED display.


Vivid mode is automatically on, but you can change to Standard mode if that’s what you prefer.


How to turn off Vivid Mode on the Nintendo Switch OLED


Follow these steps to disable Vivid Mode on your Nintendo Switch OLED.


  1. Turn on the Nintendo Switch OLED.
  2. To open the Home Screen, press the Home button on your controller.
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click System.
  5. Choose Console Screen Colors.
  6. Tap Standard.


The selection will be immediately effective. In the same menu, you can also switch to Vivid Mode.


What does Vivid Mode do?


The OLED screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED displays colors differently to the LCD screens on previous models. An OLED screen will generally appear brighter than an LCD screen. Vivid mode makes the most of OLED’s superior colors, resulting in vivid images that are more vibrant and colorful.


What does Mode do?


The new OLED display’s standard mode restricts the color range. Nintendo has not yet clarified the specifications of Standard mode. However, Toru Yamashita from Nintendo stated that Standard mode is intended to look similar to a regular LCD.


What is the Difference between Vivid and Standard Mode?


Vivid mode displays a greater variety of vibrant, bolder colors. Standard mode displays fewer colors, but can display more accurately and is more balanced.


The LCD technology was used in every Nintendo game console before it. Game studios creating games for Nintendo consoles created game art using the LCD technology.


Vivid mode on the Nintendo Switch OLED has a brighter and more vibrant look than many gamers prefer. However, it can be distracting from the game’s artistic design. The OLED can give off a neon or glowing color that may distract from the darker parts of an image.


It is up to you to choose between Vivid Mode or Standard Mode. Depending on the game, you might prefer one over the other. Even after starting a game, you can change the color-screen mode.


Vivid Mode and Standard Mode, aside from color, are identical. There are no differences in game performance, battery life or maximum brightness.




How can I turn off my Nintendo Switch OLED screen?


To bring up Power Options, hold down the Powerbutton at the top of your console for three seconds. Next, select Turn Off. To force the system’s shutdown, hold down Power 15 seconds.


How can I reset my Nintendo Switch OLED screen?


Go to System > Formatting Options > Initiate Console > Reset a Nintendo Switch OLED. All data and user accounts will be erased when you reset your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo eShop purchases can be redownloaded.


Do I have to upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED or not?


No. No. OLED models have slightly larger screens and better speakers, but all other features are the same.



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