OPPO Screen Protector & OPPO Case


We know how it feels to open an OPPO box and find a perfectly conditioned phone. It is free from scratches and cracks. We will use the OPPO screen protector and case to protect your OPPO handset’s screen and back cover. The PET Material OPPO Phone Case is included in every OPPO handset box. It is strong and can fit any OPPO device. Each OPPO phone includes a HD clear screen protector that is scratch-resistant. Keep reading!

Applicable to all OPPO Smartphones

OPPO phone case

  • An original, transparent case for the OPPO handset is included.
  • The product is tested numerous times and then refined before it is presented to users. TPU is flexible and smooth, and it guarantees wear resistance as well as oxidation resistance.
  • OPPO phone covers are manufactured using moulds made from real OPPO devices and tested with real OPPO mobile phones. It is necessary to inspect every port and key hole.
  • OPPO phone cases are strong and durable, and can minimise damage from shock, fall, extreme temperature, liquid intrusion, dust invasion, etc.


Protector for OPPO screen with high-definition clarity

Every OPPO smartphone comes with a custom HD clear screen protector. It is made out of PET material through multiple complicated processes. OPPO used a trial and error method to produce it. The screen protector fits perfectly into the angles and radius of the screen, without blocking the light sensor or the camera. Screen protectors can also protect the screen from fingerprints, grease and stains. Besides, the OPPO protector protects your screen from scratches, grease, and other contaminants. The protector reduces the risk of the screen getting scratched or damaged if the phone falls. We recommend that our customers use the original protective case and screen protector.


  • You can shop online or at our retailers to find a replacement phone case or protector.
  • All new OPPO smartphones come with a free OPPO smartphone case in its original packaging.
  • All new OPPO smartphones come equipped with high-definition clear OPPO protectors.


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