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Outdoor vs indoor venues for events: which custom tent should you go for

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When it comes to gala events like corporate parties, concerts, tradeshows or grand weddings, there’s always two choices for the venue – a classic indoor venue, or an open-air, outdoor location. Before we can understand how custom tents come in handy in such events, let’s see how both types of venues compare.  

Indoor vs. outdoor venue: an age-old debate

Not so long ago, indoor venues were the go-to locations for gala events, and for good reason. They provide shelter from the elements no matter what time of the year it is. And, with some careful planning, you can lend an indoor venue the type of vibe or atmosphere you desire. But thanks to customized tents for events, outdoor events have come up in a big way, so much so that they have become the first choice for most event organizers these days. 

  • Let’s just say outdoor events enjoy a lot of attention. 
  • Outdoor venues give us the freedom to socialize and even hold business talks in an open-air setting. 
  • They are more expansive, and less expensive to hire than indoor venues! And chances of last minute booking cancellations are far less with outdoor venues.
  • Following stipulated regulations and safety standards is a breeze in an open-air setup. 
  • And, with some careful planning, you can turn your event into a spectacular show worth remembering. 

Verdict: Indoor venues will never lose their charm. But unless you are absolutely fixated on them, you will do much better by choosing an open-air setup. 

Now that you know what sort of venue to go for, for your event, it’s time to choose the perfect accessory to turn it into a grand show. As mentioned earlier, the one accessory that you absolutely cannot do without is the custom tent.

The tent to choose

There are all sorts of tents available in the market. There’s the pop up tents and canopies for camping and other outdoor activities. And then there’s the outdoor tents customized exclusively for outdoor events. Since our topic of discussion concerns outdoor events, we will focus on the latter.

Gazebo tents

These outdoor event tents are made to resemble classic gazebo shades found in gardens and chateaus. But the biggest difference is that while gazebo shades are permanent structures, you can carry your gazebo tents anywhere! Here’s what makes them such awesome products.

  • Gazebo tents are lightweight, meaning you can carry them to any venue. It is equally easy to pitch and uninstall them. 
  • You can have your gazebo tent tailored to your taste. From custom dimensions to color and graphics, your tent maker will spoil you for choice! 
  • They are made of durable materials like PVC and polyester for the canopy and aluminium or steel for the frame. This means once you buy your tent, it’s going to last long enough to prove its worth as a valuable addition to your inventory. 

Large event tent with sidewalls 

This large format iteration of the classic tent is all you need to make your gala event a hit among your guests!  

  • Like gazebo tents, the large event tents are made from durable yet lightweight materials. This means they are easy to transport, install and take down. And they last a very long time – long enough to be an asset for you.best wineries in Adelaide Hills.
  • Coupled with accessories such as sidewalls with windows, flooring, roofing, drapes and light fixtures, large event tents exude a classic indoor venue vibe that your guests are sure to enjoy. 
  • Like gazebos, you can have your event tent tailored to your taste, although for large tents we suggest that you stick to a more conservative white shade for the canopy.

The 10×10 custom pop up tent

Events like tradeshows and exhibitions often restrict you for space. But you need a striking pavilion to accommodate and impress your potential customers, nonetheless. This is where the 10×10 custom pop up tent comes to your rescue.   

  • The 10×10 custom tent is small enough to fit into stingy spaces but large enough to accommodate a healthy number of guests at a time. 
  • It’s size also makes it easy to transport and pitch. Needless to say, 10×10 tents are made from lightweight and durable materials that can serve you for years on end.   
  • If you are lucky enough to get a generous amount of space to construct your pavilion in a tradeshow, you don’t need to employ one large event tent. In fact, multiple 10×10 tents can serve you better. 
  • You can get really creative with tent arrangement and construct a pavilion that makes the best use of available space with the help of multiple 10×10 custom tents.
  • Branded 10×10 tents often end up becoming the best marketing material one can hope for in outdoor events. 
  • Adorned with brand logos, custom printed graphics and matching color schemes, 10×10 tents can serve as your ultimate brand promotion tool. 

Cost-effective vs. cheap

All the accessories described above are cost-effective, but not necessarily cheap. In case you didn’t know this already, a cost-effective product might not be dirt-cheap upfront, but proves to be an invaluable asset in the long run.  

Essential tips to make your outdoor event a success

Listen to weather reports

You don’t want the weather to play spoilsport in your outdoor event. Keep track of weather reports in your region and avoid inclement weather at all costs. 

A special theme for your outdoor event

A fun theme is what you need to entice your guests in an outdoor event. It adds to the vibe and keeps visitors enthused. Here’s some theme suggestions for your next outdoor event:  

  • Carnival
  • Music festival
  • Pop art and handicrafts fair
  • Period or folklore theme
  • Rustic setup

The all-essential checklist

Here’s a list of important things to look out for –  

  1. Shelter solution in the form of outdoor tents;
  2. Provisions for refreshments for your guests is always a good idea; 
  3. Seating arrangements, especially for the more matured visitors;
  4. Light fixtures to go with the theme; 
  5. A reliable power supply;
  6. Exit plan for emergencies;
  7. Waste management amenities.

The list can get longer depending upon the scale of your event. 

The layout

A neat layout is essential to the success of an outdoor event. You want things to look aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. 

Here’s a few tips to help you out:

  • Keep a separate zone to showcase brands. 
  • Refreshments can be provided in a separate zone to keep things clean. 
  • A separate kids’ zone adds to the fun-factor. 
  • Winter events look incomplete without bonfires. Keep provisions for one when the mercury plummets.  

Prioritize the environment

Remember, your event shouldn’t hurt the environment by any means. Here’s what you can do about it. 

  • Use recycled and biodegradable materials as much as possible. 
  • Discourage visitors from carrying environmentally harmful merchandize like single-use plastic bags. 
  • Clean up the venue after the event.    
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