Peloton won’t turn on (EASY Fix to Bike+ & Bike+).


Don’t panic if your Peloton Bike or Bike doesn’t turn on after you’ve spent a lot of money. You can follow these simple steps to restore power so that you can go back to riding.

Your Peloton may not turn on due to a loose connection. After your bike is plugged in, verify that the connections are correct at the power brick, the base of your bike, under the resistance mechanism and at the back of the display panel.

Before you reach out to Peloton, please read this!

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Check your connections to see if your Peloton isn’t turning on

These are the connections that you should check in an order.

NOT The Bike and Bike share the same connections, with some slight exceptions which I explain below.

1. Power brick and power plug

First, ensure that the power supply to your Peloton is fully charged. I know this sounds obvious.

This is how it works:

  1. The power cord must be plugged into the walland
  2. The cord is fully connected with the power brick

This is the easiest part. Make sure your device is plugged into an outlet. If in doubt, plugging another device into the same outlet will help.

If the device turns on, it means that the outlet is working and you can proceed.

This is the second thing that people seem to forget quite often. The power supply cord for your bike comes with a power block (see below). If the power supply cord is not connected to it, it can cause complete power loss.

If the power brick is correctly connected, you should see a faint green light.

2. An adapter for power at the base of your bike

Next, check the base of your bike at the back. This area is where the power cord connects via adapter to the base.

If the adapter is not securely connected, your Peloton will not turn on. To check that everything is in order, I would remove it and then reconnect it.

This adapter will glow white if the Bike+ is correctly connected. This white light is not available for the Bike version so you will have to assume it works after connecting it.

3. Connect up below the resistance mechanism

It’s now time to check under the resistance mechanism and make sure that the power connection is secure.

This is the most difficult connection to make and it can be slow. This step might be easier if you have a child with small hands.

I recommend you use your flashlight or the flashlight on your smartphone to first look under the resistance mechanism and then orient yourself.

Two connections are located on the left side of the Bike.

The Bike+ is equipped with a single UBC/C connection on its right side.

This is a far more frequent problem with the Bike+, as the cable isn’t very well secured. The two connections to the Bike model have a protective cover and are securely locked in place.

If you are unsure, confirm that the wires have been connected before proceeding.

4. Back of the display panel

It will be a pleasure to learn that this connection is much easier to obtain.

You will see wires running into the back of your bike just behind its touch display panel. Double-check that they are not loose.

Sometimes children can tug at the wires and shake them loose. Your Peloton’s display will not turn on if they aren’t connected.

If you are facing the back of the display, connect the audio to the left and the power supply to the right.

Bike+ Owners: Audio should be connected to the top port, and the USB-C power cord should be connected to the middle port.

5. Above the brake shroud (Bike+ Only)

You can check your Bike+ connection.

The connection is found on the outside of the bike at the same height and just above the brake shroud.

Another UBC-C connection can sometimes be broken.

Two ports are available, you should connect your UBC-C cord to the top connection port.

How to turn the Peloton screen on

Let’s assume you have checked all connections and ensured that they are tight. Now let’s get your bike started!

You’ll find the gray power button at the bottom of the panel.

For approximately 5 seconds, press and hold the button. You should see your screen turn on and load within 5 seconds.

This is it. You’re back in business.

Peloton Support

If your screen isn’t turning on, and you are certain everything is working correctly, please contact Peloton.


There are several options. The first is to send them an email at

You can also call them at (866) 679-9129.

My experience with Peloton Support has been extremely helpful. I’m sure they will help you.

Peloton Warranty

Although we hope it doesn’t, Peloton Bikes, and the Bike+ come with a Limited Home Warranty.

Optionally, you can purchase an extended warranty. This is something I recommend for expensive products.

The Limited Home Warranty covers items such as the touchscreen, various components and pedals for up to 12 months. You are covered for five years on the frame!


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