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Perfect Forex Trading Signals Providers

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Forex signals are trading suggestions compiled by experienced analysts. In other cases, the provider might compile its signals via automated software that runs on AI. Either way, forex signals are sent to members with the view of suggesting which positions to enter. Traders Union have complied a list of best forex trading signals providers.

Best Forex Trading Signals Providers 


  • Learn2Trade

The most significant aspect of Learn2Trade’s over ten years of operation in this field is that it now has a society of above 70,000 members. This demonstrates the degree of trust that Learn2Trade has gained over the last few years. Every single forex signal which Learn2Trade provides to its community includes the necessary data. Included in this is the recommended currency pair for trading. It also includes deciding whether to go short or long on the pair and determining what limit order to place with the appropriate forex broker. All Learn2Trade forex signals also include a suggestion for a stop-loss and take-profit order. Additionally, Learn2Trade provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to all new customers enrolling in a paid membership for the first time. This guarantees that consumers have had enough time to evaluate the platform and make sure it meets their needs for forex trading.

  • ForexSignals.com

In this market, ForexSignals.com has a solid reputation as a supplier. It is primarily intended for beginners with little to no previous experience who want to trade the forex markets. We appreciate that ForexSignals.com provides a wide range of educational resources for new traders who want to advance their trading skills. In addition, ForexSignals.com offers a premium membership plan for the signals. Those who want to try out ForexSignals.com can do so for free for seven days. The trading room, daily live analysis meetings, weekly hot-pick options, and live interactive seminars are all included with all plans. A real-time global newscast and professional trading tools are also available.

  • FX Premiere 

Since FX Premiere doesn’t produce its forex signals, it differs from other service providers in this market. Instead, the service provider gathers forex signals from more than 50 platforms in this market. This implies that users who sign up for FX Premiere will have access to a wide range of forex signals every day of the week. On the other hand, this can be a little confusing because users will have to choose which signals to pay attention to. After all, not every vendor with whom FX Premiere has a partnership will be successful. However, FX Premiere charges $37 per month for its services. Members can choose their risk/reward ratios because each signal has 1-3 price targets. People who want to pay less each month might want to think about the $199 1-year plan. The monthly cost is cut by 35% as a result. The FX Premiere Telegram group, which is constantly expanding, is used to send all signals.

  • Pips Alert 

Pips Alert is a provider of forex signals that gives members a choice between two strategies. The first is Venture X, which emphasizes gradual long-term gains. This aims for monthly profits of 1.5–3.5k pip. The second strategy, Investor X Signals, approaches forex trading from a short-term perspective. Both plans cost $59.95 a month and provide participants with between 15 and 20 forex signals per week. We appreciate that Pips Alert provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, new clients should have enough time to determine whether the provider is appropriate for their trading goals during this period. In addition, Pips Alert provides a free forex course with 40 training videos. However, this provider does not provide any free forex signals.

  • Forex GDP 

Forex GDP provides free forex signals without requiring payment. The free plan only offers 2-4 signals each month. Additionally, some metrics are hidden when receiving free signals, which defeats the purpose since users must pay for the complete recommendation. However, when registering for a longer-term plan, Forex GDP comes with fully premium forex signals at affordable prices. The aforementioned plans include alerts via WhatsApp or Telegram in addition to signals, trading ideas, and signals. It’s important to note numerous spelling errors on the Forex GDP website. Considering that this gives the provider a less-than-professional impression, those who want to try Forex GDP might want to start with a 1-month flexible strategy.

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