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Picks for digital photo frames in 2022 from Aura, Netgear, and Nixplay

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We are pleased to present our guide to the top digital photo frames available right now. We’ve tested every type of connected frame, from simple screens to smart displays. You’ll find the perfect digital frame for you, whether it’s for your wall, desk or shelf.

Which is the best digital frame that you can purchase right now? The Aura Mason Luxe is our top choice. It’s a smart, minimalist frame that has clean lines and is freestanding. This makes it easy to place and use. The bright screen lets you see the best of your photos, and the partner app makes it simple to upload them.

However, you might find a digital frame that suits your needs better. One model from Nix play could be the one for you.

You might also be interested in a digital frame that can act as a smart hub and control smart devices. It will allow you to connect to various services, stream media from YouTube or Spotify, and connect to smart devices. You might be interested in the Google Nest Hub Max or Facebook Portal if that is the case.

You can also find a variety of sizes, shapes and styles in digital photo frames. The 2K Smart Digital Frame by Nix play is a great choice for a bright, shiny frame. You might also like the Seed Wave, which is also by Nix play and measures 13 inches.

No matter what style you prefer, our guide has everything. The 8-inch Nix play Nix Digital Photo frame is simple to use, affordable, and easy to afford. Some frames promise more features, such as cloud storage, Wi Fi connectivity, and social media integration, but you will usually pay a premium.

The following list includes recommendations for digital photo frames that will suit your needs. Are you unsure where to begin? A few helpful buying tips have been added to help you choose the right frame.

These are the top digital photo frames for 2022

The Aura Mason Luxe photo frame is an exceptional choice. It is stylish and has a more unique design. The screen is also excellent in all respects.

The 4:3 aspect display allows you to not only add colour to your space with your photos but also to get a closer look at them. The pixel density is so high that they appear sharp and detailed even when you hold your face up to the screen. The colour is natural looking and well-saturated, so you can rest assured that you are seeing an accurate representation of any photos you send.

The Aura Mason Luxe also has a social aspect. Invite family and friends to send photos to the frame. Everyone in the inner Aura circle can comment and like ” the images. This creates a private social network. Although the Mason Luxe is a 10 inch photo frame, the cost of the Mason Luxe is not unreasonable. However, the quality of the software as well as hardware makes it worth the investment.

Nix play 2K Smart Digital Camera Frame

The 2K Smart Digital Frame by Nix play features the most sharp screens available. The display has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and offers detailed images for days. It’s also vibrant with vivid blacks and enough brightness to rival the screen’s reflective coating.

The display measures 9.7 inches and is a great middle ground. It has a flexible stand that can support it in either portrait or landscape orientation. The Smart Digital Photo Frame fits on nearly any shelf. Images have enough space to be enjoyed, but the Smart Digital Photo Frame also fits well on shelves. It can be easily mounted to a wall.

The settings menu, like other Nix play frames, offers a wide range of customization options. These include colour adjustments, transitions, and sleep timers, as well as the motion sensor’s sensitivity and sensitivity. The frame can be controlled via the physical remote or the app’s virtual replica. It is responsive and intuitive, although the text may sometimes appear a bit small due to the high resolution.

It is easy to load photos from the partner app. Multiple playlists can be created, populated, and organised using photos taken with your smartphone. You can also sync with Google Photos to create smart albums that are generated by AI. To easily receive photos and assign them to your frame, you can also connect to friends.

Last note: the matte black frame’s bezel looks big but is understated. The metal-effect version is, however, both too reflective and a major fingerprint magnet. This distracts from what otherwise is a sharp and capable Wi Fi frame.

Facebook Portal

While Facebook’s social media screen is primarily a tool for calling family and friends, it also serves as a digital photo frame. It looks like a floating frame, with clean lines and a high quality finish. This makes it a great fit for modern shelves, provided that there is enough space for the supporting leg. It can be used to prop up the Portal in landscape or portrait mode. However, the stand is 12 cm tall and the power cable exits at its end so it cannot sit flush against your wall.

The 10-inch display at the front is bright and responsive. It also has good colour reproduction and detail. Although the panel is reflective, there is enough brightness to offset glare. However, this drops when viewed from a 45-degree angle.

The setup is simple and the sleek partner app matches it. You can search for photos on Facebook, Instagram, or from your smartphone. Then, you can sort them into albums that can be individually enabled.

The Superframe slideshow cannot be modified in any way. You can only change the slide’s duration. You can’t extend the sleep time beyond one hour. The Portal’s sensor won’t detect motion after 60 minutes. It will automatically go to sleep. This is not a problem if the Portal is placed on a high shelf, or in a corner that doesn’t allow for movement.

To activate the Portal you will need to have a Facebook or WhatsApp account. However, Alexa, Spotify, and other family apps are all included.

Nix play Nix Digital Frame 8-inch

Nix play’s 8 inch digital frame is compact and affordable. However, it’s also very feature-packed.

It looks like a traditional photo frame from the front. Although the plastic construction is not luxurious, the unique rippled back and bevelled bezel make it feel more premium. An adjustable stand supports it and allows for portrait or landscape viewing. The display can be taken out to mount on the wall.

Although the screen’s 8-inch size is smaller than the others, it displays landscape photos at a size that is similar to standard prints. It will fit on most shelves. Although the panel has decent colour reproduction, there is less detail and contrast than frames with the same resolution of 1280×800.

Despite the matte finish, reflections are not an issue. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and colour settings to your liking. The settings menus offer a variety of options, including the ability to adjust the interval times, transitions, and sleep settings.

An interface that feels more like a file browser is the downside. Although the infrared remote works well and navigation of images on a USB stick or SD card is simple, it is not as intuitive as others. It can also feel slow when scrolling through thumbnails. It’s an acceptable compromise to a budget-friendly frame.

Aura Carver

Aura’s modern Carver is a larger sibling to the Mason. It has the same sleek and premium approach as the Mason but packs a larger landscape display with a higher resolution.

The large, sharp screen measures 10.1 inches and allows for photos to shine. The snaps are vivid and display with the same level of detail, saturation, depth, and color that made the Mason such a success. Despite the fact that the stand is triangular, viewing angles are great and adaptive brightness brings out all the best in any image.

A minimalist bezel appears to hover within the frame around the screen. The minimalist design is simple and elegant. It mirrors around the back where a textured shell supports Carver in style. The only problem with this model is the inability to rotate it’s landscape orientation. This is a major drawback.

The Carver is subtly stunning as a landscape frame. Its party trick is to display two portrait photos side by side. This simple but striking solution is powered by Aura’s Intelligent Photo Pairing software. It uses AI to match similar photos – often in unexpected ways.

The Carver shares the same minimalist interface and partner app as the Mason so there aren’t many settings to adjust. It is not possible to adjust the brightness or change the color settings manually. You can surrender control, but you get an intuitive interface that makes it easy to upload albums, select favourites and invite contributors. A touch bar at the top of the Carver makes it easy to navigate through the slideshow.

Netgear Mural Wi-Fi

The Netgear Menstrual isn’t like any other digital frame. It’s quite expensive by the standards of the category but it’s the entry-level model within Netgear’s range of art displays. They can scale up to 21.5 inches.

You can use this 15.6 inch photo frame to orient your photos in landscape or portrait. This is a large canvas that you can use for your photos. The Meural app gives you access to a vast library of paintings and other art. These can bring culture to your home. While you will need a subscription in order to access all the content, there are a few options that can be used without one.

This matte display can be used to display art in a unique way that isn’t just like a tablet or smart screen. Its colour depth is not perfect, and a pixel-dense panel is better than the 1080p one. This is if you really want to look at your photos and not just use it as a passive way of enhancing a room.

Google Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max can be used as both a hub for smart gadgets and a portal to Google Assistant at home. It also serves well as a digital frame. It looks like a 10-inch tablet that is attached to a fabric-skinned speaker. The nest hub max forms a compact, free-standing package that has a small shelf footprint.

Fixed stand displays can’t be adjusted from their default upward tilt. This will cause problems if the frame is placed on a higher shelf. However, viewing angles are good with good saturation and lots of brightness, provided that you have a reflective panel.

The touchscreen resolution is 1280×800. However, it retains good detail and has no visible pixelation. This makes it easy to control the Nest Hub Max. You can swipe between photos, tap the pop-up controls, hide, star, share or use voice commands to do the same with voice commands.

Nest Hub Max supports art backgrounds, full-screen clocks and a selection from Google Photos. The Nest Hub Max supports Live Albums and allows you to display portrait photos in split-screen. You can also overlay time, weather, and image data overlays. However, the slideshow order cannot be manually changed. The Nest Hub Max works only with Google Photos. This makes it a good choice for people who already have investments in the company’s cloud backup services.

Nixplay Seed Wave

The Nixplay Seed Wave is a great choice for a centrepiece display. At 13 inches, it has plenty of screen real estate. However, many images will be cropped and bordered with black due to the large screen dimensions.

Although the Full HD resolution is better than many other options, it does not mean that the pixels are spread over a wider area. The result is that images can lack detail, and even though colours are well balanced, photos can feel flat and lacklustre.

The matte finish is a good choice as it keeps the glare away and the viewing angles are good. The frame has a thick, but smooth, plastic edge that feels sturdy. You’ll see two mesh elements housing the 5W speakers if you turn it around. These speakers are powerful and offer a lot of flexibility, including support for Spotify and 15 second videos.

The stand is flexible: The thick, reinforced cable, which houses the power connection, can be bent to support the Seed Wave with the help of a rubber base.

The Nixplay app allows you to add photos. The app allows you to upload multiple snaps to different playlists. You can also adjust the many options of the Seed Wave, including transitions and sleep schedules. An infrared remote is also included. These are both useful compliments to a somewhat cumbersome, but still generous frame.

How to choose the best digital frame for you

It will be placed where you choose.

While most digital photo frames come with some form of stand, not all can be mounted on the wall. Some only work in portrait orientation while others can be used to switch between landscape and portrait. It is important to think about where the frame will be placed, and how it will match your decor.

Which screen size are you looking for?

The screen size can vary from 8 to 13 inches. Smaller frames are easier to place and can sometimes be sharper. While larger displays offer more room for your photos, they won’t always be of higher resolution. A 9-inch Full HD HD display is the ideal size.

How do you add images?

Cloud storage is a key feature of many digital photo frames. You can upload photos from multiple devices and store them in the cloud. Some of these frames also integrate social media. If your images are stored on a hard drive, you might consider a USB input or memory card.

What level of control do you desire?

While some digital photo frames are simple and easy to use, others let you adjust all settings, from brightness to sleep times. You should check what settings a frame allows you to adjust, especially if your preferences are about slideshow transitions or color balance.

How smart should it be?

Many of the top digital photo frames for 2021 will be more than passive panels. They will also have fully-fledged smart displays. This includes voice control, media streaming, and integration with smart homes. This functionality may be required depending on what other devices are already present in your home.

Which size is best for digital photos?

There are many sizes available for digital photo frames. The size that is best for you depends on the space available and your personal preferences. Although smaller digital photo frames can be placed in a smaller space, they are easier to store and provide more room for digital images. While larger photo frames allow your precious snaps to shine, they require more space and can be overwhelming in a room.

You can find digital photo frames that have screens as small as 5inches, but we recommend 8in. The Nixplay Nix Digital Photo Frame (8-inch) has a compact footprint that can be placed almost anywhere. It also gives your images enough space on the screen to be easily visible. You risk losing your photos if the frame is too small.

Largest digital photo frames have displays that rival any laptop. For example, the Nixplay Seed Wave ships with a 13 inch panel. It puts your photos front and centre, but it is not subtle. You run the risk of it looking like a small TV, and it blends less into the background. However, your shots will still be unmissable.

The best digital photo frame size is between 9 and 10. Models such as the Aura Carver, Google Nest Hub Max and Facebook Portal have screens that measure around 10 inches. Our favourite digital frame right now, the minimalist Aura Maison Luxe, has a 9.7 inch display. These screens are perfect for flexibility and visibility. This size display will provide better pixel density, which can improve clarity and sharpness.

How to test digital photo frames


Digital photo frames can be unique and have many specific features to test. Each frame was tested in a variety of situations to make sure it is worthy of recommendation.

To assess the brightness and sharpness of each digital frame’s display, we place it in a variety of viewing situations. These scenarios will typically include a dark room, a sunny spot and a well-lit area. We examine the colour reproduction accuracy, clarity, and viewing angles of each frame using identical photos. We also consider the display’s proportions and whether cropping could affect digital images of standard size.

We start by adding images to every frame to make it easier to use. This will be done in all ways supported by the frame. If there is an app and memory card support, we will assess how easy it is to upload images using both. To understand the ease of a frame’s operation and which settings can be customised, we will also explore its settings menus. We first look for the most commonly requested options, such as colour, adjustment sliders, sleep timers, customizable slideshow intervals, and sleep timers.

We also look at the frame’s physical design in a variety of ways. We test each possible orientation and mounting option of a frame to see how easy it is to assemble, and to switch between positions. After placing each frame in various locations, such as a shelf, desk, or wall, we examine its footprint and dimensions. We pay particular attention to whether its size, shape, and angle allow it to be placed and arranged as needed.

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