Pit Viper Easter Post On Instagram?


What did Pit Viper post on Instagram?

Comment on an Instagram photo that captured the attention of 600,000.

Although the exact comment is too explicit to link here, it was a long, vulgar, and x-rated paragraph that was unbelievably ignorant of Jesus and Easter.

This TikTok video will show you exactly what they said. We are not saying that we didn’t warn you!

Pit Viper are getting a lot of backlash online for their explicit Easter comment. People have been calling out the disgusting post.

Others have suggested that Pit Viper may have been hacked. This comment seemed out of place. The brand has never been involved in dramas like this before.

Others believe it was a Pit Viper Worker who saw the Instagram post and commented on it. This could be a great opportunity.

Pit Viper has now deleted the remark. However, the brand has yet to comment on the controversy.

We won’t understand what really happened until Pit Viper makes an announcement.


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