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The most recent PlayStation arrived in 2020, but it is a great time to start discussing what the future holds. The PS6 is still far off but it will be able to expand your internal storage faster, be smaller than the PS5 and feature no disc drive. You might also find enhancements like a wireless charging pad and modular upgrade capabilities.

When will the PS6 become available?

There has been talk for years about the demise of the traditional console gaming system. Sony might consider downsizing to a flash drive-like device that plugs into the TV like Stadia. Possibly. Let’s say that the PS6 development is ongoing right now.

Sony releases a new PlayStation every few years. The PS6 will be no different. Every year since the PS3, Sony releases a new console.

The process of building a new platform used to take 7-10 years in the past. Technology has advanced so fast that it takes 6 to 7 years to build a platform.

Because Sony already has the trademark for all versions of the PS10, we will soon see this console. It doesn’t necessarily prove anything, but it does indicate a possible future.

Another important event is the relationship between when Sony begins developing a new PlayStation, and when it finally arrives. Although this isn’t proof of anything it is worth considering:

  • The development of PS4 started in 2008, and it was released five years later.
  • PS5 was created in 2015. The PS5 was released five years later.
  • Based on the job posting for 2021 by Sony, we can infer that PS6 will be released around 2026.

Estimated Release Date

The PS5 was launched in November 2020. The PS6 is unlikely to be released before 2026 or 2027. Just in time for holiday shopping!

If Sony sticks to its PS4 release plan, the PS5 Pro and Slim might be available in the future, possibly around 2020.

Rumours regarding the PS6’s price

Prices for the previous consoles ranged from $400 to $500. It is impossible to predict the hardware, additional features, or improvements that the next-gen PlayStation will have. This could impact its price.

For now, let’s assume that it will run at least $600

Information for pre-order

Pre-orders will follow the official announcement from Sony shortly after. We’ll inform everyone about the details of the announcement as soon as it is made.

PS6 Features

These details are speculation at the moment. While we can guess certain features, they are not guaranteed to match the actual feature. Because things change with every gaming console version, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen. It’s not something to take too seriously.

  • Wireless connectivity is possible with modern PlayStations. It is also possible to charge your devices wirelessly. This is not a metaphor for a console, but rather an area that can charge accessories. The console can be used to store your phone, headphones or controllers. The wireless adapter can be integrated into the console to eliminate the need for the DualSense charger station or the wireless USB dongle.
  • Storage improvements: You can increase the storage on your PS5 if it isn’t large enough. However, this is very difficult. Sony should make it easier to access the PS6’s internals so you can replace the hard drive with something that is more important like a plug-and go model. An external drive is also possible, but it will not be as fast as an internal NVMe SSD. A larger SSD will suffice for most people, unless there is a better way to upgrade it.
  • VR integration: This is the future of gaming. To enjoy virtuality games, we have to buy separate devices. Sony may combine motion controllers and headsets in one box with its PS6 console. You never know.
  • New user interface: It’s not uncommon to see a brand new user interface after updating to a new version of a tech or another technology, especially if the console is older than a decade. The PlayStation Store is getting updates with better navigation.
  • Another smaller design: The PS5 is tall. It doesn’t matter how it is placed within your home. It is there for everyone to see. It might be something you like, but there are smaller versions. The PS6 will likely shrink slightly, as it most likely will. Although we don’t expect the PS6 to have a larger screen, it might be possible to match other items.
  • Modular upgrades: Each part of the PlayStation can be broken down into smaller pieces that can then be swapped out when needed. The console can be used in the same manner as a computer. You don’t need to replace parts every few years because the hardware is constantly improving. This is how the PS6 will look. It is only a hope. It is unlikely, but we can still hope. Right?
  • A digital-only console. Disk-less consoles might not be right for everyone. We are making progress in this direction. If you are a collector of movies and games, a PS6 with no disc support is not the right choice. It might be a good idea to get rid of the disc drive completely, especially with faster internet speeds and the trend towards streaming.

Specifications and Hardware for PS6

The PlayStation 6 will offer many more features than what was mentioned above. However, it is hard to predict which hardware will be available at launch.

You can still expect a PlayStation with a faster processor and responsive controls.

DZ Migo has released a concept video, which is completely fictional and shows the console only from one angle. The PS6 is similar to other concepts. It’s shown as rugged and dark, with elements from different Xbox versions. This contrasts sharply with the PS5. You can also see a completely different rendering of PS6 here.

Sony could also borrow design elements from older consoles to go minimalistic. Yanko Design has created this PS6 concept.

We’ll be learning more about the console’s design, games, backward compatibility, and controller as we get closer to launch.


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