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Rainbow Six Siege unveils Tachanka’s rework

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Ubisoft, the game developer, has finally revealed what Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka will look like when it is reworked. This rework has been in the works for some time and was even teased earlier this year by the FPS developers.

The devs now announce that Tachanka, the revised version of the character, is ready for testing on the game’s servers. Tachanka is a notoriously weak character from the beginning. The character is now a popular meme and has even been used by professional players to trolling opponents.

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Tachanka reworked

Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege was, before this rework, a slow and heavily-armoured defender with decent guns. His problem was his DP27 LMG, which was mounted on a tripod and fixed in a specific position. This severely limited the character’s capabilities.

He now has the DP27 LMG unmounted as his primary weapon. The DP27 LMG is a powerful weapon that can chew through soft walls. It also has mobility. The LMG comes now with a special sight that can also be used to equip it.

Tachanka has a new special ability, the Shumika grenade-launcher. This launches incendiary bombs. These are extremely capable of area denial, and they can be controlled from enemies.

Shumika’s launcher is equipped with a five-round magazine and a high rate of fire. Tachanka can reach places where there is no line of sight because the grenades bounce off walls. Tachanka is now able to hurt himself with his own grenades. This is unlike Smoke’s gas canisters.

Tachanka now has the option of either the DP27 LMG, or the 9x19VSN SMG primary weapon. For secondaries, you​​​​ can choose between the PMM and the GSH-18. The barbed wire and proximity alarm are his companion gadgets.

Tachanka rework can now be accessed on the PC Test Server for a phase of testing before it goes live on the main PC, PS4 or Xbox One server.

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