Review, cost, and price of the Magenta MAX Military plans


T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX Military Plan with 1-12 Lines offers more features than the top tier plans at a reduced price for military personnel and veterans. It also provides a premium experience with high-speed data.

Plan T-Mobile Magenta MAX military
Data Unlimitable
Minutes Unlimitable
Messages Unlimitable


Plans with unlimited minutes and messages are priced monthly



Line Fees $75.00
Data Included
Minutes Included
Messages Included
Get Discount $5.00


T-Mobile Magenta Max Military Plan Details

T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military allows users to stream Netflix at 1080p on up to two devices

T-Mobile Magenta Max Military Plan: Features

What are the Minutes, Messages and GB of Data Included in The T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military Plan?

T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military plans provide unlimited talk, text, and high speed data.

What is the T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military Plan’s Speed?

T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military coverage gives you unlimited access to 4G LTE data at high speeds.

What international features are included in the T-Mobile Magenta Max Military Plan?

You can access and text 2G data in more than 200 countries when you are covered by Magenta MAX Military. The plan included unlimited calling and texting, as well as 5GB data in Canada or Mexico.

Is the T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military Plan Including Mobile Hotspot?

Magenta MAX Military Users can access 20 GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot, in addition to their monthly data allotment.


T-Mobile TMobile Magenta MAX Military offers unlimited talk, text, and data domestically

Register for this plan to get 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

This plan is available to those who travel to Mexico and Canada. It includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of 4G data.

This plan includes voicemail to SMS included in the monthly fee.

T-Mobile Magenta Max Military Pros and Contexts


T-Mobile Tuesdays offers perks to users who have registered for the T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military Plan.

This plan’s monthly fee already includes taxes and regulatory fees.

Your data won’t be throttled if you use more than 50GB per month.

T-Mobile Magenta MAX Military Plans include texting to more than 210 international locations.


Registering for this plan may require you to pay an additional fee to install your SIM card.

Your account could be subject to a serious increase in fees per line if you fail to submit your authentication as a member the armed forces within 45 calendar days of registration.

Line by Line TMobile Magenta Max Military Plan

Unlimited data, 1-Line plan from T-Mobile

Unlimited data, 2-Line plan from T-Mobile

Unlimited data, 3-Line plan from T-Mobile

Unlimited data, 4-Line plan from T-Mobile

5 line, unlimited data plan “Magenta MAX Military” from T-Mobile

Unlimited data, 6-Line plan from T-Mobile

Unlimited data, 7-Line plan from T-Mobile

8 Line Unlimited Data Plan “Magenta Max military” from T-Mobile

9 Line Unlimited Data Plan “Magenta Max military” from T-Mobile

10 line, unlimited data plan “Magenta MAX Military” from T-Mobile

11 Line Unlimited Data Plan “Magenta Max military” from T-Mobile

Unlimited Data, 12 Lines “Magenta Max Military” Plan from T-Mobile

Learn More about T-Mobile’s Phone Plans

T-Mobile USA is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. It was established in 1994 and is the third-largest wireless carrier in America. T-Mobile is headquartered in Germany and has a huge global customer base of over 230 million (71,000,000 US).

T-Mobile’s customer support is what really sets this wireless carrier apart from the rest. T-Mobile won the J.D. Power Award 11 times between 2004 and 2011. Power Award for “Highest Ranked Mobile Customer Service Performance”. J.D. has awarded the J.D. every year to the self-described “Un-carrier”. The Power Award for U.S. Wireless Customer Service, Vol. 1 of the 2018 award.

T-Mobile’s 2013 affordable pricing model, which was not subject to a contract, was introduced. It is still in use today. T-Mobile customers have the option of financing payments over 24-months. This allows you to get the latest iPhone in smaller installments and not pay thousands upfront. T-Mobile will usually allow you to bring an unlocked smartphone you already own over to them. This will allow you to have no contract and no monthly phone bills.

T-Mobile is now catching up to Verizon in speed and coverage. OpenSignal speed tests in 2018 found that T-Mobile had one of the fastest 4G download speeds among wireless carriers.

T-Mobile is the right carrier for you if you are a heavy user of data. T-Mobile does not throttle your speed once you have used 22-23 GB. This is unlike AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. T-Mobile recently increased the limit to 50GB. This means that you can use 50GB before your data is throttled or deprived.

T-Mobile Tuesday is another perk for customers who are T-Mobile customers. Customers receive special offers and gifts on a weekly basis. To receive these deals and gifts, you only need to download the T Mobile Tuesdays app.

T-Mobile is a huge company but they are making it a priority for them to grow. T-Mobile opened over 1,000 new stores in 2017!

Here are some fun facts about T-Mobile

  • T-Mobile was established in 1999
  • T-Mobile’s first iPhone, the iPhone 5, was available in T-Mobile’s network.
  • T-Mobile was first wireless carrier to offer an Android-powered mobile phone.
  • Bayern Munich’s top soccer team, T-Mobile, is the current jersey sponsor.
  • T-Mobile will offer you exclusive offers and free stuff every Tuesday when your download the T-Mobile Tuesdays App.


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