Review, Cost, and Price: Unlimited Start Plans


The Verizon Start Unlimited plan, which includes 1-10 lines, is an affordable unlimited data plan that connects to the nation’s top network.

Verizon Start Unlimited Plan Details

Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan is their cheapest unlimited plan. This plan offers additional savings with the AutoPay discount, paperless billing discount and Military discount. These discounts are available to active and retired military personnel.

Two free apps have been developed by Verizon to help you manage and monitor your account. The My Verizon app allows you to keep track of your account wherever you are with the app. You can also store and back up your contacts using Verizon Cloud.

Verizon Start Unlimited Plan Features

What are the minutes, messages, and GB of data included in Verizon Start Unlimited?

This plan includes unlimited 4G, unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited minutes.

What is the Verizon Start Unlimited Plan’s Speed?

The Start Unlimited plan offers lightning fast 4G LTE data speeds. They are not affected by network congestion and will only slow down in times of high traffic. Video streams at DVD quality, and mobile hotspot speeds reach 600 kbps.

Is there an overage charge for the Verizon Start Unlimited plan?

Verizon’s Start Unlimited plan does not charge overages

What international features are included in the Verizon Start Unlimited plan?

Unlimited texting and calling to Canada and Mexico are included in this plan. You can also use your cellular data within Canada and Mexico. However, your speeds will slow to 2G once you have used 512 /MB per day.


Verizon’s wireless network is consistently ranked number one in terms of coverage. RootMetrics, J.D. Power and other studies found that Verizon’s wireless network is the best in terms of coverage. Both RootMetrics and J.D. Power found that Verizon offers the best service in America. Verizon is also the leader in rolling out high-band and mid-band 5G coverage across dozens of American cities.

Verizon Start Unlimited Pros & Cons


  • Verizon’s most affordable unlimited data plan, the Verizon Start Unlimited plan, is available.
  • Sign up for this plan if you are a military member to receive a discount
  • This plan is compatible with tablets from Verizon.
  • This plan allows you to stream videos at 480p (DVD quality).
  • This plan provides coverage on Verizon’s entire network of wireless networks, which is the largest in the country.


  • This plan only streams video in DVD-quality.
  • This plan does not include mobile hotspot.
  • Verizon might throttle your cellular data speeds if the network is slow.


Learn More about Verizon Phone Plans

Verizon offers many different cell phone plans. These range from unlimited data plans that include all of your calls, to flexible prepaid plans. The 5 GB Prepaid Plan, and the Play More Unlimited Plan are our top picks for Verizon cell phone plans.

We’ll be sharing information about Verizon phone plans with you and helping you to find the best deal. When comparing below, remember that Verizon plans usually include unlimited talk or text.

A Verizon unlimited plan may be the best option if you and your family use a lot data each month. All four Verizon unlimited plans include an Apple Music subscription. You can mix and match between them. Although the Start Unlimited Plan is the cheapest, it does not include many of the same features as other Verizon unlimited plans. It does not include 5G phone access, mobile hotspot or premium 4G LTE data allotment.

It is easy to add your child on Verizon’s Just Kids Plan. You get 5 GB of 4G data, 480p streaming and many parental controls. To sign up for the Just Kids Plan, you will need at least one Verizon Unlimited plan.

Unlimited data plans may not be for everyone. Premium data, 5G access or 500GB cloud storage may not be necessary. Verizon Prepaid Plan is likely to be a better deal.

Verizon offers four different prepaid plans with different data allotments. The Unlimited Prepaid Plan doesn’t offer a lot. The Unlimited Prepaid Plan is about the same price as Verizon’s premium unlimited plans but does not include HD video streaming via mobile hotspot.

Mobile hotspot and rollover data are included in the 5GB and 15 GB Verizon prepaid phone plan. These plans do not have excess charges. Your data speeds will be reduced to 2G if you exceed your high speed data allowance. Cellular data can still be used, but it won’t be as quick.

We believe the Verizon 5GB Prepaid Plan is the best deal for a cell phone plan. Dollar for dollar. After three months of being a Verizon customer, you will receive $5 off your monthly bill. You’ll also receive $5 off your nine-month anniversary plan.

Verizon offers a few connected device plans that aren’t necessarily for those who need or want a new smartphone. You can also get a connected device package for your smartwatch, tablet, or personal hotspot.

Enroll for the autopay discount to receive a monthly discount on Verizon Unlimited or Prepaid Plans. Every billing period, your card will be charged automatically. This will save you money and make it easy to renew your Verizon cell plan.

To activate a phone purchased online or in a Verizon Wireless Store, it costs $40.

Verizon 5G

Verizon unveiled its nationwide 5G network at the Apple Event in Oct 2020, alongside the iPhone 12. Although a nationwide network of 5G may sound impressive, it is still low-band 5G and is not as fast as 4G LTE. There are large gaps all over the country, so the network isn’t really national.

T-Mobile is ahead of Verizon in mid-band 5G coverage. Because it is faster than low-band 5G, and offers better range than high band 5G, mid-band could be the most useful band to average consumers.

5G is still a distant dream for us. Verizon is making large investments in 5G infrastructure like other major carriers. This should produce some impressive results by 2021.

Verizon Fun Facts

  • Thomas Middleditch is Verizon’s spokesperson at the moment, and he is the quirky star of Silicon Valley.
  • Verizon was created by the combination of the Latin words “veritas” and “horizon”, which is the Latin word for truth.
  • Motorola’s The Droid was the first Android phone to be available on Verizon’s network.
  • Verizon made the iPhone 4 available as the first iPhone on their network.
  • Do you not love the fact that your phone number can be kept even if you switch carriers? Verizon has a lot to be grateful for! They are a leader in Local Number Portability.


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