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Right now, 17 ways exist for how to earn money online from home

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Are you looking to earn money without going away in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Are you looking to discover ways to earn online to finance your travel plans when coronavirus is gone? (Note that this article was published in the year 2020. To read the most recent version of this story , with additional ways to earn cash check out How to Earn Money Online in 2021: 21 Quick ideas.)

International Living, a site that aims to help people who live and travel around the world, has published an insightful guideline on the 50 ways you can earn money during retirement. The guide is designed for retirees looking to finance their lifestyle abroad But here’s the real treasure: In the tips on starting an art gallery or becoming an expert tour guide, or joining the craft-beer trend, are practical tips that anyone can apply to earn money online. Whether you are an experienced professional or have a less-experienced background, whatever your skill set is, you can find an option that will fit your passions and skills, the InternationalLiving.com editors explain.

As per Jennifer Stevens, executive editor at International Living, the list is extensive, but isn’t complete. We designed it to give individuals a better idea of the possibilities in the world, says Stevens. We’ve written about the many ways expats from abroad can fund their lives. Sometimes, it’s through online work like dropping-shipping or writing. In other cases, it’s services in person they offer, such as operating a consignment store or wedding planner. Absolutely, online options offer great flexibility and mobility. It’s also worth noting that business owners from many regions inform us that it’s easier to begin an enterprise abroad since it’s usually less costly and more efficient than at home.

Although it may appear to be a weird timing to embark on an entirely new job and career, Jeff Opdyke, the Prague-based editor of The Savvy Retiree and contributor to International Living says that it’s our responsibility to find out how we can regain the control over our lives, lives, and our personal satisfaction.

Opdyke adds that despite all the harm coronavirus is causing and the harm that is yet to be done there could be positive results in the workplace. What this epidemic has shown is the ability of a lot of workers to free themselves from cubicles to work from home – or anyplace, he says.

In the corporate, cold analysis of a post-corona society I believe we’re likely to see a growing number of innovative companies recognize that there are huge savings in cost when workers can work from any location. There’s no reason to incur the cost of running a farm in a cubicle because workers already have places where they are able to work, whether at home, in an office, a cafe, wherever. I’m sure we’ll get more productive from this because employees will be inspired.

The lesson here is that, even though you’re working from home right now, this could eventually lead to working and living abroad, as well as living the life of your dreams. Opdyke’s advice? Be the most productive you could. You should be over-productive. Increase your productivity to ensure that, once all of this is over, you’ll be able to speak to your bosses about attempting working from home. That is, of course, you’re happy with your life at home. Some people won’t. But if you are awestruck by the sense of freedom that those working remotely experience and you are in the midst of this crisis, presents an excellent time for you to shine and make bosses notice.

If you’re planning to relocate to a foreign country one day, need to work at home in the current coronavirus-ridden environment, or change your career path to be in a position to work from home for all time take a look at these 17 methods to earn money online. It’s an important resource in times of economic turmoil and beyond.

In the meantime we’ve got three innovative ideas for making money that come from our International Living list that we hope to implement when the world returns to normal.

  1. Sell Your Photos

Do you have photography skills or are you in a location that has a high demand for images? Stock sites for photography are enormous collections of photos, that cover nearly every subject you could think of, advises International Living. What exactly is it? Photographers can upload their pictures to any of a variety of massive databases, which allows editors of magazines, designers, or any other company with websites to purchase their images. The great thing about stock websites is that photos are sold any number of times. This means you can keep earning money without any effort. Photography websites worth checking to are Shutterstock, Photoshelter and Getty Images.

  1. Create How-To Videos

In recent years, YouTube has grown into the main source for all types of tutorials and videos, reports International Living. Instructors can earn money through YouTube videos through charging subscription fees or by protecting content using passwords only available to customers who pay. This article provides some suggestions from a realtor who earned $100,000 in just one month using YouTube. Another tip received from International Living: Get to understand the words users search for on YouTube. To identify search terms that could be used, begin entering how to [your subject how to [your subject] into the YouTube search bar, and then observe the keywords that are displayed from the dropdown for auto-fill. Be sure to include the same keywords as you write your video’s title description, tags, and descriptions.

  1. Become a Copywriter

Do you want to earn an excellent income, no matter which part of the world you reside in, a house near the ocean or in Latin America, an historic European city, or perhaps on an island in the Greek sea? Greek island? Copywriting is a great option for you. Based on International Living, copywriting is an enormous industry, full of potential. It’s a longing for people who can provide the industry with innovative marketing strategies as well. One of the greatest advantages of a freelance copywriter’s job is that you are paid by U.S. dollars…yet live virtually everywhere around the globe. Express Writers provides tips on how you can become an experienced copywriter and can be a great resource for job opportunities..

  1. Teach English

If you’re an native English speaker, you might not know that you possess the top qualifications you require to earn an exciting, mobile income that could provide an income that is steady from any place across the globe. according to International Living. A few resources include GoOverseas.com, TeachAway (teach English online to Chinese students), iTutorGroup (teach English online to Taiwanese students as well as adult learners) in addition to English Hunt (teach English on the phone to adults in Korea)

  1. Turn Your Interests Into a Podcast That You Should Pays

Podcasting isn’t necessarily complex, says International Living. With a laptop, a microphone and a free recording program it’s easy to get up and running. Podcasts don’t have to run on a daily basis (once every week is ideal) and they’re more effective when they’re shorter. There are many ways to earn money through podcasts. The most obvious one is commercial sponsorship, however you can also utilize the platform to promote your own products or services. NPR provides a comprehensive guide on how to start your own podcast here.

  1. Set up a Content and Web Development For Build Your Business

Are you able to handle the development of content and websites? You can provide these services to anyone who needs them via online tools that can make the creation of beautiful websites an easy task. Some of the tools are WordPress, Weebly and Joomla.

  1. Become a Translator and Interpreter

Do you speak a different language? If you’re in a community of expats in areas where English isn’t the primary language, you’ll see a need for interpretation as well as translation. It is also possible to perform interpreters and translation online. There are a variety of options for being an interpreter or translator here among the top are Welocalize which was as the top choice on the rankings as one of the best 20 firms that offer remote work in 2020.

  1. Try Drop-shipping

Have you ever heard of drop-shipping? It’s a way of selling in which the seller doesn’t have an inventory of physical items. When a buyer places orders, you buy the product from a third party and they deliver directly to the buyer. This means you don’t need to spend even a dime to store your items or keep track of stock, advises International Living. And you won’t have to purchase products in huge quantities, hoping to make enough to earn back the purchase. This is possible by selling online platforms such as ebay as well as Amazon. Find out details about drop shipping in this article by Shopify.

  1. Tutor

Establishing a tutoring company is a profitable venture which allows you to live an enjoyable and flexible life, advises International Living. The greatest part is that you are able to start tutoring businesses in nearly every country on earth. A suggestion for clients: Offer discounts to those who endorse your company. Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools available in the beginning, advises International Living. The website Tutors.com offers an extensive list of the most effective tutoring jobs on the internet You could also apply to become tutors on Tutorme.com.

  1. Become a Freelance Proofreader

Proofreading can be a lucrative online job. Most companies will pay 20% of the cost of a document that has been translated to a proofreader recommending International Living. Agencies charge around $75 to translate five pages of a standard document for business. The same document that is proofread, which takes around an hour, costs around $18-$20. It is possible to work part-time, full-time or even work 24/7. Mediabistro — a website with sources for professionals working in media–provides guidelines for becoming an expert proofreader.

  1. Type for Cash

Are you a fast typist? It’s easy to transcribe: Listen to an audio recording with headphones, then type it out. As transcribers your earnings are directly proportional to how quickly you write, advises International Living. Transcription work is paid according to hours of audio (the duration of an audio file) and not by the hours that you work. The amount of time required to write a transcription is determined by the quality of the audio and background noise, as well as the voice’s accent and the speed with which people speak. A typical transcriber who can type between 75 to 100 words per minute — will finish one hour of audio in the span of four hours. Think about Rev.com as a business Rev.com, which offers freelance transcribers.

  1. Create a Money-Making Blog

Do you have a particular specialization? Offer your expertise on your blog. If travel is your field of expertise, consider what you can provide: Are you an expert in budget or luxury travel? Do you have advice to share about specific activities, such as shopping or hiking? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to engage a large audience and earn revenue from your site, advises International Living. The websites like Squarespace along with Wix offer suggestions on how to make blogs, and they can host them.

  1. Tap Into the E-Book Business

E-book businesses are an excellent opportunity to make money. You can write the book of your choice ( Kindle has an instructional guide on how to go about it). Find a book that’s already published in print , and then license the author to publish it online. The author can be paid 8-15% royalty based on net sales , or an all-in-one payment for the rights to publish online.

  1. Set up an Online Course

Go beyond the writing of an ebook and develop an entire online course that includes tutorials, PDF downloads , and videos. It’s a fantastic method to earn an income that is passive since users are able to pay for the information and take the course at their own pace , or post questions regarding the course within a specific group. Here’s a great option for selling and creating on-line courses, LearnWorlds, that allows anyone to earn money from their experience and knowledge through the creation of an online course.

  1. Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is a stimulating and innovative process that can help individuals focus on their professional and personal goals, suggests International Living. People benefit from life coaching to get over their anxieties, increase self-confidence as well as set goals and develop positive behaviors. There are thousands of online programs for becoming a life coach. Additionally, numerous certification programs provide complete website design and setup after the training has been completed. If you are a traveler, and it is your field of expertise, then you could even become a travel instructor. Check out this article about the travel writer who turned into an expert in travel coaching.

  1. Become an Audiobook Narrator

Audiobooks are a growing method of entertainment. The convenience of smartphones has resulted in a boom in the industry, advises International Living. That’s increasing the demand for freelance audiobook narrators. This site has information on what it takes to make an excellent audiobook Narrator.

  1. Internet Research and Surveys

Bonus: Money-making apps
Money-making apps are another way we can make money online. There are a lot of those apps online, some of them require you to do various tasks in order to earn money, others like Honeygain can offer a way to earn passive income. It is a convenient way to earn money since it doesn’t require any initial investments. It also allows us to make money from the comfort of our own homes and on our terms. It is easy to start, all you have to do is download the apps and register.

Another method to earn cash is by browsing the Internet during your free time, or by filling online surveys. If you’re searching for ways to earn an extra $1000, or even you can earn $2,000 per month part-time, Internet research is the way to go, advises International Living. You can add the website Qmee to your browser and if you click an advertisement you’ll earn money. Earn cash when you take Qmee surveys and giving your thoughts on the brands you like. Other survey websites are SurveyBods, Survey Junkie and Valued Opinions. Another method to earn some small cash prizes while in the car? With the brand new application Current Travelers can earn more than $600 annually by listening to music and completing different tasks.

Plus 3 Jobs in Travel that We Dream of


  1. Farming and Living Off the Land

Farming could be an extremely rewarding way to live your life, advises International Living. But some people might see it as too much work or expensive to begin with. This could be applicable in the US but in the world, there are many opportunities to allow you to be more comfortable than you believe to sustain your lifestyle on the land. And you can earn some money in the process. It’s as simple as planting a garden to provide food for the family and make some extra cash at the local farmer’s market. You could also manage an enormous area that generates big profit.

  1. Run an Ecolodge

All over the globe expats have discovered benefits and profits of running an ecolodge. International Living. They’re benefiting from an increasing trend of ecotourism to finance their tranquil and natural lives abroad. They’ve found the most accessible, beautiful places to go there.

Ecolodges are typically situated in areas which cater to visitors seeking a relaxing vacation in the natural environment. They are able to be constructed in any location that is easily accessible via transportation.

  1. Try Cheesemaking

Who doesn’t love cheese? Cheesemaking can be a fulfilling and enjoyable pastime and, more importantly, it can generate income, too, ” says International Living. In some expat havens in Latin America, good cheese is highly sought-after.

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