Riot is hailed by League players as a stealthy nerfing of DJ Sona skin


Update on DJ Sona: Concern

Reddit user Fealnort investigated concerns regarding the skin’s update and discovered that Riot could have affected the quality of the 3250 RP-skin.

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Riot claimed that the update would include “additional special celebration effect for each passive aura”, something Fealnort couldn’t find once the patch was live.

Sona’s abilities to perform certain forms were no longer affected by the color changing. The color of Sona’s soundboard was altered by her Q, W and E abilities. This feature has been seemingly removed with the update.

League of Legends: Lifesteal nerfed to combat sustain meta



The biggest complaint about League of Legends over the past two years has been sustain. With the multitude of options available now, Champions can heal far too much. Riot is readjusting their lifesteal skills in the biggest yet.

League of Legends has seen a steady increase in Sustain. Omnivamp is becoming more common as champions counter the high-damage meta by providing high amounts of healing.

Riot has made passes in the past to fix League of Legends’ systemic healing. Enchanter support was buffed while items such as Goredrinker were nerfed. The most significant changes in League patch 12.6 have hit almost all of the champions in the game.

Developers are using a dual approach to make sustain on Summoner’s Rift less common. They will target both runes and items.

Riot GameLeague of Legends has once again hit Sustain with nerfs.

Increased “the cost to sustain” due to Lifesteal item nerfs

Items are the first target of the lifesteal-nerfs. League of Legends staples such as Vampiric Scepter or Blade of the Ruined King will see their lifesteal reduced.

Initial changes moved power into stats such as attack damage and power, but they are now being flat nerfed — except for a shield buff to Immortal Shieldbow.

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“As a general principle sustain (like all stats) should come with a price,” developer TheTruespy stated. You must sacrifice durability if you want to do a lot of damage. You shouldn’t make your itemize a drain tank or a high-damage threat.

“Imagine this as an integrated approach to reevaluating sustain cost.”

To stop them from scaling into the late game, Runes Fleet Footwork (and Legend: Bloodline) are being toned down.

Riot GamesLeague of Legends’ latest lifesteal nerfed are going to hurt the majority of AD carries.

Ravenous Hunter is now replaced by the Treasure Hunter rune

The rune changes are the second prong. Domination’s Ravenous Hunter has been replaced by Treasure Hunter. This rune gives players bonus gold when they take down a target for the first time, with a maximum of 150 gold.

After five takedowns, the total bonus gold amount is 550

TheTruexy stated that the rune’s purpose is to offer a different mindset and an option for the Hunter row. This rune is not about slowly scaling but rather, it’s about spiking early and hunting your final stacks.


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