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The rise of storage-based cryptocurrency Chia has put the cat among the pigeons in the storage trade. It has caused a run on high capacity exhausting drives, aggravating existing provide points. One market participant has spoken out.

Seagate Storage Hardware Large revealed that it is keeping a close eye on the area and will undoubtedly launch a new line of purpose-built drives in an email Q&A.

Jason M. Feist from Seagate’s rising merchandise division, was asked if corporations might develop storage products specifically for cryptocurrency usage circumstances.

Feist said he could not provide any concrete data at this time, but did say that the company is “exploring these opportunities and imagines others could also be as well.”

Storage-based cryptocurrency

The Chia community does not operate under a system called proof of area. This allows so-called farmers to set aside space for cryptographic numbers storage, also known as plots.

“Farmers can scan their plots in order to determine if the next block has the problem. The chance that a farmer succeeds in a block depends on how much land he has compared to the rest of the community,” the Chia website explains.

However, although proof of area doesn’t negate the need for compute-based mining however, there is evidence that enthusiasm within the Chia undertaking has led to drive shortages across a number of areas. Additionally, studies have shown that Chia can rip client drives for an alarming price.

Nvidia has taken the same approach and launched line mining-specific GPUs to increase mining efficiency. It’s possible that storage gamers might do something similar.

Feist was asked to provide an opinion on whether storage-based cryptocurrency is viable. However, he acknowledged that Seagate may not be the best option, but that it does accept each alternative.

“We don’t make the case for or against cryptocurrencies. He advised us that we simply perceived a need. “Crypto miners and farmers are asking for steering because our mass-capacity storage drive has been world-class and is in high demand. We will give it.

He also mentioned that companies could profit from the pattern by monetizing their idle storage capacity.

“Regardless of whether or not it happens, the endurance and decentralisation of blockchain is an inevitable fact. It is time to make space for it on our drives, in transactions, and in realms that are yet to be discovered.

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