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See The Latest Trends In Wedding Invites For The 2023 Season

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It’s not too early to talk about what will be popular for wedding invitations in 2023. The wedding invitations you send out will be the first impression you and your future spouse make on your guests. The save-the-dates you send to your guests are the first chance you’ll have to tell them about your love and set the tone for your wedding. In the event branding we develop with our couples, we want to convey the individuality of each couple and their love story.

The color-blocking and neon-lighting movements have our undivided attention. Embracing monochromatic design, whereby just one color is used (or is used prominently). Many of the non-paper features and materials that have inspired us have a tactile quality.

Hmm, how about we begin with some color theory?

We may choose our favorite season this year. There is no pressure to follow any certain “It” shade or theme. Today’s brides have more options than ever before when it comes to personalizing their tri fold wedding invitations to reflect who they are.

For Starters, There are the Neutrals

Wedding invites for the spring and summer of 2023 will mostly include neutral hues. Your color story’s foundation may be any neutral hue, like the white paper your modern wedding invitations are printed on. I would suggest spending some time visiting Pinterest and selecting a few palettes that stand out to you if you are having problems settling on a color plan for your wedding. The many shades of white are an interesting and lovely color spectrum. Use a color selection tool online to find complementary hues by choosing a preferred neutral hue as a starting point. This is a readily available and freely available resource. A beautiful basic tone is given to help you get going.

Color Illuminated By The Night

Colors that are found in the bridal flowers or that hint to the wedding’s time of day or location are fantastic possibilities to explore. Some trendy newlyweds in 2023 are carrying out this motif even down to the envelope liners (they must be on their way to the trademark cocktail for the celebration!). Including a splash of color on the invitations is a simple but effective approach to pique the interest of the recipient. Some other couples opt for cobalt blue RSVP cards to lend a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic invitations they’ve chosen to print in a dark midnight blue.

Final Thoughts

In the Spring and Summer of 2023, we are witnessing and appreciating a rise in the intentional use of tactile components within the context of romantic relationships. You probably have a mountain of boring wedding invitations by now. Is it just me, or does the act of unlocking some of the suites seem like a little adventure? They get you excited about going to the wedding and give you a taste of the festivities to come. Incorporating tactile features into this experience is a brilliant move. Include items manufactured from handmade paper, leather, or linen to give your invitation suite a refined and one-of-a-kind look.

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