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Setting a New Standard of Service: Kevin Kalyan and Goldstar Premier Properties

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A good experience should always be a must when buying or selling anything. When agents/vendors/businesses think of their customers, what better way than to give them the experience you would want your mother/father/sister/brother to have? Treating clients like family is even more critical in real estate because property purchases are a significant emotional and financial decision.

Real Estate is a people’s business, and the best way to build success and loyalty, according to Kevin Kalyan (Founder of Goldstar Premier Properties), is to treat people like they are family.

Kevin Kalya (Founder: Goldstar Premier Properties)

“Treating clients like family means providing them with outstanding customer service, ensuring their needs are always met, and going above and beyond to find the perfect home,” says Kalyan.

Clients need to trust their agents and know that they’re always looking out for their best interests, because trust is an essential and critical component to understanding the emotional side of buying and selling a home and how important it is for the clients to have all of their needs met. After all, it’s not just a financial decision, but also an emotional one.

As a family-owned brokerage, Kevin Kalyan stresses that showing empathy and compassion is essential to creating strong client relationships and, ultimately, growing success. Agents must be attentive to their client’s needs, which unfortunately sometimes vary.

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 94% of buyers said that customer service was a top priority when selecting a real estate agent. 

Another survey conducted by J.D. Power found that customer satisfaction with the real estate company or agent is determined by the purchase process (44%), the condition of the home or property (20%), and the responsiveness of the agent (20%). These statistics show that a whopping 64% of real estate client satisfaction is solely dependent on the agent’s responsiveness and smooth guidance throughout the entire buying/selling process.

A survey by J.D. Power found the most common complaints about real estate agents are the lack of communication (25%), and the level of effort exerted (20%), which indicates that over 50% of buyer/seller satisfaction is heavily reliant on the service they receive.

For Kevin Kalyan and Goldstar Premier Properties, customer service is their priority.

Kevin Kalyan says, “Our motto is ‘Redefining service in Real Estate’, because we pride ourselves on going above and beyond, and for us, it is the only acceptable way to be.”

For Real Estate agents, the moment a sale becomes focused only on the transaction and financial benefit is the moment the client comes last.

Transactional real estate agents are primarily focused on profit, while great real estate agents are focused on the “Relationship”. Transactional agents may take shortcuts in order to make a sale, while great agents will take the time to listen to the customer’s needs and find the best solution for them.

How Kevin Kalyan And Goldstar Premier Properties Work

At Goldstar Premier Properties, they understand that the home buying/selling process is more than just a transaction. It is a life-changing experience for their clients.

The team understands that it is their job to provide support, guidance, and advocacy throughout the entire process. They make sure to stay in close communication with their clients, provide detailed updates and ensure that their clients are well-informed on all their options.

The team also takes the time to get to know each of their clients and make sure they feel comfortable with the process. They strive to build relationships with each of their clients and focus on providing them with the best possible service.

Stats from Goldstar Premier website (Goldstar Premier Properties)

Ultimately, Kevin Kalyan and The Goldstar Premier Properties team believe that excellent customer service is what sets them apart from other real estate agents. By focusing on client satisfaction first and foremost, they are able to provide an exceptional experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Great agents understand that the customer’s satisfaction is the key to a successful real estate transaction and will always prioritize it above all else. They know that a satisfied customer is worth more than a quick sale and will be more likely to refer them to other potential clients. This is why, for Kevin and the Goldstar Premier Properties team, it isn’t about the transaction; instead, it’s about the relationship and service to the client and their complete satisfaction.

If you are looking for houses in the 5 Boroughs of New York City and Long Island be sure to give Kevin a call 516-593-2800 or visit www.goldstarpremier.com

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