Shahab Nama By Qudratullah Shahab:(Autobiography)


Shahab Nama is Qudrat Ullah Shahab’s autobiography. This is the best-selling Urdu book and the most widely printed. This book is a short overview of his life including his education, career, and acceptance into the Imperial Civil Service. It also contains his religious and spiritual experiences.

Qudratullah Shahab

Qudratullah Shahhab, a well-known Urdu writer who is also an official in Pakistan and has published numerous books. Shahab was the principal secretary of President Ayub Khan and President Iskander Mirza, as well as Governor-General Ghulam Muslim.

Summary & Review of Shahab Nama Book By Qudratullah Shahab

The autobiography provides a glimpse into the mind and thoughts of the average reader. He has also included a little patriotism in his writings. This book, which is full of multi-dimensional themes, has a place in data-type=”URL” href=” literature%2C%20 writings%20in%20the,life%20of%20the%20Indian%20 subcontinent. “>Urdu literature. Shahab Nama’s book also discusses oppression and Pakistan.

Table Of Contents / Sample page

Shahab Nama book sample

It’s a wonderful and informative marquee to help you live a happy and fulfilled life, full of tears, laughter, and joy. It is a mirror that shows Pakistan’s past, present and future.

This book gives a fascinating account about the corrupt attitude of the chiefs as well as the manipulation of poor people. The lamp flickering is clearly visible

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Both domestic and international policies stress the image that trustworthy and unreliable partners. This includes dependence upon begging, palace conspiracy, dictatorships as also the decline in values and military councils of the jihadi from Kashmir.

Shahab Nama Online – Read and Download Pdf Book

Instability in resolutions and disrespect. On the night at Al-Aqsa Mosque were revived revelations of religion and observations of heart, eyes, and purification questions. This book takes on a new dimension. I included some estimates on Pakistan and the blessings Islam to the final.


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