Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App



  1. Define your landing page. One sentence should be enough to introduce your app. Get inspired by Tinder. This is the best example currently available.
  2. Blog. You can be a niche expert by providing regular updates on a topic related to your core service.
  3. Social media is a great way to communicate. Be careful. Too many people believe that copying and pasting a URL is sufficient. Engage your audience. Engage your audience. Tease. Intrigue. Be click-worthy and shareable. Your intro should be creative


  1. Teasers are a great way to get people talking. Make a teaser landing page before the app launches. Then, collect beta subscribers through an email submission form. – (c) Kentoh

  1. Make a video introduction to your app. You should be cautious with this. If you have already proven the concept of your app, have gained some traction and are confident that your app is a success, then creating a video for it should be an option. It would be foolish to spend too much money on a video that your app has changed three times since its launch. Sandwich Video will help you get ready for this step.
  2. Pitch Tech blogs. This is a difficult one. You might think you have the best app, but others may not be as impressed. Don’t despair. Keep a list of people you know, then email them your perfect pitch and pray for the best. Do not follow these editors. They get a lot of pitches every day and will contact you if they are interested.


  1. Ask for app reviews. There are many app review websites, in addition to the major tech blogs. Mevvy is one of these sites. But there are many more. This is a list of the best app review websites. But don’t stop looking for more. Keep your app relevant, even if you want the entire world to know about it.
  2. Contact writers within the niche. This is one the best methods. You might find other people who are interested in writing about [insert niche here], and they may be willing to write about your amazing solution. Don’t be pushy, you don’t want to make enemies with well-respected writers.
  3. You can use Disqus and other content discovery tools. Make sure you plug in your Disqus channel. This helps tremendously to spread the word and drives traffic back to your blog or site!
  4. Contribute to the online discussion. You can leave valuable comments, even if you are not promoting yourself, if you have read articles or news on another website that uses Disqus. You’re building your expertise on many ends.
  5. Make and share infographics. You can create infographics using and share them with bloggers and writers via social media.
  6. App awards are available. Many organizations offer prizes for innovative apps that have a unique functionality or design. You can research these contests online, and then apply for the ones you feel you are a worthy contender.
  7. Talk to only one person at a time. This is crucial. This is crucial. You will be able to build a loyal user base and validate the purpose of your app if you can get feedback from them. No matter your stage, it is important to have a conversation with users. Ask questions, listen to what they have to say, offer your help, and make them smile. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best.
  8. Don’t be afraid to offer your help. You can find users with a problem that you can assist, give advice, and the downloads will come later as a thank-you!
  9. Define the problem that your app solves. It should be a clear statement that you use to identify your customers. These people are the best to market your app.
  10. Record a podcast. Talk about the problem that your app solves in your podcast. does this well and hosts their own Soundcloud show.
  11. Start a community. Facebook is a good place to start a community. is a great place for local groups. Find people who share your passions.
  12. Organize a giveaway. allows you to create unique prizes and give them away to people who share your app, post about it, or do other tasks.
  13. Your ASO strategy (app store optimization), should be worked hard. To be more easily found on official app stores, optimize your title, description, screenshots, and icon.
  14. Promote all your communications. Include in your email signature links to your app website and blog. Voicemail is a great way to let people know what you’re working on.
  15. Consider becoming a speaker. You can get speaking opportunities at conferences and panel discussions. It should always be about the problem and not your solution.
  16. Host a contest. Your audience should complete a task. To follow the progress, tag them with contest-specific hashtags. Publicly reward the winners.
  17. Post a job. This one is not my favorite, but it has served its purpose. Your app and company will be discovered by people who are searching for the next mission in their lives.
  18. You can create a YouTube or Vimeo video channel. You should post new content regularly, including “best of” series and industry updates. or user content (big hint!). To maximize your exposure on social media, always include your main hashtag and descriptive keywords.
  19. A PR company is worth hiring. Although PR work is often expensive, it can also be very cost-effective. Do you remember the Mailbox app? Before it was even released, there were half a million subscribers on the waitlist! Good PR was the key to all of this.
  20. Advertise. Book advertising space on the relevant websites via
  21. Try guerrilla marketing offline. These campaigns work best in areas where there is a high concentration of your target customer. 1. appear – 2. confuse 3. clarify 4. disappear. Clarification must be the genius part!
  22. StumbleUpon offers paid discovery. StumbleUpon lets people discover content that they wouldn’t otherwise find based on their browsing habits and interests. It is also less expensive than AdWords or Facebook ads.
  23. AdWords is also an option. However, only if your keywords are well-known and you have the time to adjust your campaigns each day (yes, multiple times) as necessary.
  24. Talk to your friends and family. Tell your family, friends, colleagues, and classmates what you’re doing. A few updates will suffice, as friends and family may be less involved in your activities than what you think.
  25. Offer discounts. Offer discounts if you’re working with in-app purchases.
  26. Increase your subscriber base. Keep collecting email addresses to grow your subscriber list. It will be a joy to see your numbers grow and to send out updates to thousands of people instead of just a few.
  27. Show love to your critics. It’s cheaper to keep customers than to get new ones.It’s cheaper to keep customers than to get new ones.
  28. Don’t forget to give out swag. Give out swag. Mevvy created screen cleaners. This was a play on the word “tool” because Mevvy was meant to be a platform for discovering apps and tools that can help you in business and personal life. They were distributed in co-working spaces throughout Miami.
  29. Encourage customers to rate each other. Encourage happy customers to rate the app store. But keep it real! These fake reviews can be detected by customers from miles away.
  30. Place your app at the right place. Carefully choose your app keywords and app categories. These will affect your rank in these areas.
  31. Create an invitation system if applicable. Invites that allow users to choose whether they want to invite their friends or pay are more likely than those who do not have to choose. Are you familiar with Candy Crush?


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