Smart Bulbs Will Work Outdoors? Most likely, BUT


It is often asked me if a smart bulb can be used outside. It doesn’t matter if you have a regular or smart bulb, it is a good idea that it can work outdoors.

Smart bulbs work outside?

Your smart bulb can be used outdoors all year long, provided it is protected from rain, snow, and other elements. An LED bulb should be placed in a protected fixture no more than 100 feet from your router or smarthub.


How to use a smart bulb outdoors

When deciding whether to use your smart bulb outside , there are several things you need to consider:


  1. You’re using the type outdoor lighting fixture
  2. You have the type light bulb
  3. You’re in the climate/environment
  4. The distance that the bulb will travel from your smart hub, WiFi or router.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Types of outdoor lighting fixtures

This is one of many important factors when you decide whether to use smart bulbs outside.

Many outdoor wall lights, lanterns, and post lights can provide coverage for your bulb. Most outdoor lighting fixtures offer at least some protection from the elements.

You’ll also want to make sure your light fixture is protected from snow and rain. Water is the enemy here.

I recommend looking for a weatherproof smart bulb if your fixture exposes your bulb.

A standard smart bulb will work just fine.

Type of smart light bulb

There are many types of light bulbs, including Halogen, Incandescent, Halogen and Light-Emitting Diode, (LED), Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), Xenon, and others.

Not all of them work outdoors.

Most smart light bulbs can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Philips Hue smart led bulb is a great choice. Check the price.

Climate smart light bulbs are now available
While it’s important to protect your smart bulb from the elements, what about protecting it from the cold?
Your outdoor lighting fixture will most likely have to withstand cold temperatures unless it is located in an enclosed, heated space (such as a deck).

Smart LED bulbs are very resistant to cold. Your smart bulb will not be affected by cold in most climates.
Manufacturers will disclose the operating temperature of the bulb if you live in an extreme climate.
Before you buy, make sure to check the temperature range. This temperature range is for reference: Most smart light bulbs operate between and 104degF/ -20degC to 40%.
But Again, I found this range to very conservative. The Philips Hue White LED smart bulb works perfectly outside at -23degF (-30degC). That’s quite cold.
These bulbs are only available from Philips, and they’re called indoor lamps.


Will smart light bulbs work outdoors?
In my experience, absolutely.
Smart bulbs can be used indoors or outdoors as LEDs are almost universal in most smart bulbs.
Make sure your outdoor lighting fixtures provide adequate protection from rain and snow, and that the protocol that your smart bulb uses can reach your device.
How have you found smart bulbs outdoors? Are there any problems.


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