Snapchat: How do I see my mutual friends?


Snapchat is fun when you have the opportunity to meet new people. Others will prefer to connect with people they know. Snapchat allows you to see your mutual connections. This will allow you to expand your friend network to include more well-known persons. This is how it works.

Snapchat requires you first to log in to you profile before you can see a listing of mutual friends. Click on the Bitmoji icon at the top of the screen and then click on the Add Friends option. Below the Quick Add menu you will find a list that includes mutual friends.

Snapchat doesn’t let you see the friends of your friends. Snapchat is all about privacy. Therefore, your friends list must be kept secret. Quick Add will generate a random list which may contain your friends. These could be your Snapchat buddies or members of any Snapchat group that you belong. You can also see the number of mutual friends you have.

Although it is not automatically populated, the list may sometimes be full of new users. If you are unfriendly with someone, Quick Add allows you to delete them. As time goes on, more people will be added, including mutual friends.

Quick Add will notify if someone is added to the friend list. This not only allows you to be added by mention, but also allows for you to connect to people in your circle of friends. Snapchat allows you add by mention if you are mentioned in a Snap. Snapchat can add you by mention if your Snapchat story or Snap message tags you.

Snapchat’s friend-mentioning and tag features are meant to help users meet new people. Someone believed that you would be a good friend if your name was mentioned.

It is unlikely everyone will accept a stranger as a friend. Unless they ask, your friend won’t even know you’re there. If they don’t ask, they won’t see you as a friend on Snapchat.


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