Snapchat: How to Find Mutual Friends


Snapchat’s exclusive privacy was one of the main features when it was first launched. Snapchat was popular because of its disappearing chat and one-time snap feature. It didn’t take Snapchat long to become a popular social media platform.

People started to download the app soon for its unique camera filters. These filters are constantly updated. Many Snapchat users use Snapchat just for the fun of taking photos.

Snapchat is still true to its privacy promise when it comes down to privacy. Snapchat is very careful not to let any user see what other users are doing on Snapchat. The mutual friend feature works in a similar way.

You’re here because you want to see your mutual friends on Snapchat. This blog will tell you if it is possible, how to do it, and everything else about Snapchat mutual friends.

What are mutual friends on Snapchat?

Before we show you how to find mutual friends on Snapchat let’s talk briefly about what mutual friends are. In this example, the two near-strangers are connected by a link to their mutual friend.

Let’s return to Snapchat. Why would you want to make a friend through Snapchat? There are many reasons that Snapchat users love snap streaks with more people. Some prefer to add people they know, rather than random strangers.


Snapchat: How to Find Mutual Friends

  • Open Snapchat on your smartphone, and log in to your account.
  • Have you seen your bitmoji in the top left corner? You can tap on it to go directly into your profile.
  • Scroll down until the Friendscategory is visible. There are two options below. You must choose Add Friends from the list.
  • This section contains the Added me section, which includes a list of all invites you have received. Below this section you will find the QuickAddsection.
  • You’ll find the Quick Add section, which contains a large list of Snapchat users. They are listed alphabetically by usernames. You’ll see that many users have “x+ mutual friends” written under their usernames. This is where ‘x’ can be any number between 1 to 20. This number is the number of mutual friendships you have.
  • Contact with 20+ mutual friends means that you have many common friends. Adding them to your circle is a smart idea. Tap on the Add button on the right-hand side of the profile.


You should also note that anyone you add to this page by Quick Add will be notified. You can also memorize their username and type it in the search bar to add them to your profile.

You might also find names that you don’t want to see in the quick add list. You can tap the Cross icon beside the Addbutton to hide their names.

Snapchat allows you to see the names of mutual friends.

Snapchat users often have another important question: How can I find out which of my friends is also this person’s friend?

We can’t help but to say that we don’t have the ability to assist you in this situation. Snapchat values privacy and won’t reveal users’ names, as we discussed previously.

These are the only apps that you can use to get outside help. If you don’t want to ask the person directly, there is no other way to know for certain.

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