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Creativity Tools

Once you have created a Snap you can turn it into a masterpiece using creative tools

Learn how to add text, stickers, and doodles to your Snaps.

Add text to a Snap

To add text to Snaps, tap’T’ in the Preview screen. Captions can be added in many styles and sizes.

To automatically generate closed captions, tap the quotation mark icon. You can edit, rotate, resize and drag the captions!

Get a little more creative…

  • You can change the style text with the options above the keyboard
  • Zoom in and out on your captions by pinching it
  • Bold or Underline can be used to highlight text.
  • Drag your thumb onto the color slider to change the color in your text
  • Tag Friends in Your Snap by Tapping’@’ and selecting their username
  • When you use the caption tool, tap the icon to set a timer when your text will appear.

Snap a Snap!

To draw or doodle on Snaps, tap on the Preview screen! Tap – to undo, or use your finger to draw!

Get a little more creative…

  • Adjust the size of your brush by pinching in and out
  • Use the color slider to change the color in your brush
  • You can change the color palette by tapping
  • Use emoji to draw! Tap the emoji button below the color slider!

Stickers for a Snap

To open the sticker drawer, tap on the Preview screen. Tap the sticker you want! There are many stickers that you can use to decorate your Snap!

Some stickers display information such as the current temperature, day and time, or the Snap was taken.

To remove a Sticker press and hold it until it releases, then drag it to the trash

Get a little more creative…

  • You can change the sticker categories by tapping in the sticker drawer
  • Drag a sticker to your desktop by pressing and dragging it
  • Press and hold on to any sticker by pressing and holding it down – it will move, rotate and change size with what it’s attached to!
  • Zoom in on a sticker with a pinch.
  • To see the latest stickers from Memories or Camera Roll photos, enable Auto Stickers in your sticker drawer!
  • Share the location where took the Snap with Location stickers
  • Use the poll sticker to create a poll

Stickers can be made with scissors

With the Scissors Tool, you can create your own stickers. These stickers can be added to Snaps and sent in Chat

Make your own stickers

  1. Click on the Preview button
  2. Draw the object that you wish to copy using your finger
  3. It will stick to your Snap as a sticker by lifting your finger!

Stickers made with Scissors can be saved to your sticker drawer automatically

Attach a link to a Snap

Do you find something unique online? Attach it to a Snap Your Snap will be visible to your friends. They can swipe up to see the website.

Attach a web URL to your Snap…

  1. Click on the Preview button
  2. You can add a link by copying a URL, typing it in or searching for one.
  3. Tape Attach for Snap

You can change how long your snap plays

Tap to set the time that your Snap can be viewed by your friends. You have the option to allow them to view your Snap for between 1-10 seconds or as long as you want.

Remember that Snaps can be saved at any time by taking a screenshot

Make Video Snaps Loop and Bounce

Tap to select whether your video Snap should play only once or on loop until your friend closes the screen.

Instead, you can create bouncing loop videos using any part of a video Snap

Add Bounce to a Video Snap…

  1. To take a video Snap, press and hold the camera button.
  2. Click the button to activate Bounce playback mode
  3. Slider allows you to select a portion of Snap that you would like to Bounce
  4. You can edit your Bounce instantly and snap away!

Please note that if the Snap exceeds the maximum Bounce length then only a portion is taken and used to bounce.

You can add voice filters or muffle the audio

Hold down to add an audio filter in a video Snap it and change the sound!

Instead, you can tap to mut all audio.


You can add music to your Snap using the Sounds tool

To add an audio track to your Snap…

  1. Tap the Sounds Icon
  2. Select a track from our Featured Sound list.
  3. Use the scrubber to select the place you want the song start
  4. To preview the sound and sticker on Snap, click the checkmark!

Create a sound to go with your Snap…

  1. Tap the Sounds Icon
  2. Tap ” + Make a Sound. You can either upload a sound from the Camera Roll or create your own!
  3. Tape Record sound then tap on the microphone button for recording for up to 60 second, then tap again to stop the recording
  4. Enter a name to create the sound
  5. You have the option to make the sound public or to trim it to the length that you prefer.
  6. Tap Save Sound ‘

To use Sound from a Spotlight Snap…

  1. Tap on the Sound button at the bottom to access the Spotlight Snap
  2. Tap ” Use Sound” on the Sound Topic page to create your Snap!

Make a Snap

You can Remix Snaps when you reply to, or are mentioned in a friend’s Story! Remix Snaps from your Memories or Camera Roll can also be done.

Remix a Snap…

  1. Hold while pressing the Snap button you wish to Remix
  2. Tap’Mix Snap’
  3. Send the Remix!

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