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SoftBank Vision Fund 2 invests $160M in media localization provider Iyuno-SDI Group

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Iyuno-SDI Group provides of subtitles that are translated as well as media localization and translation services. Today, the company announced that it has raised the sum of $160 million through SoftBank Vision Fund 2. As per the firm, this amount makes it one of the largest shareholders.

Iyuno SDI Group was created following Iyuno Media Group acquisition SDI Media in late June. Iyuno SDI Group chief executive officer David Lee spoke to TechCrunch about how the cloud-based software for enterprise resource management provides localization capabilities that include accessibility and dubbing features on a massive scale.

Iyuno SDI Group also developed its own neural machine translation engine, which were trained by using information from specific genres of entertainment to accelerate the work for its translators. Customers are Netflix, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, Entertainment One, and Apple iTunes.

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 invests $160M in the media localization service Iyuno-SDI Group

The Iyuno SDI Group currently has 67 offices in 34 countries. It also offers services of localization in over 100 languages.

The SoftBank Group invested in Iyuno Media Group for the first time in 2018 through SoftBank Ventures Asia. The venture capital arm was established in the name of SoftBank Group. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 joins Lee, Shamrock Capital Advisors, SoftBank Ventures Asia Corporation along with Altor in the Iyuno SDI Group board of directors.

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